County COVID-19 death toll 10, cases total 298

April 10, 2020
Santa Paula remains at 4 cases
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Ten people have now died from COVID-19 in Ventura County, and the number of those infected is just shy of 300 at 298 cases, according to Rigoberto Vargas (above), Public Health Director for the Ventura County Health Care Agency. At the county's April 10 press briefing, Vargas noted that the new directive has banned public gatherings. Ventura County has a 5.5 percent rate of infection among those tested, among the lowest in the state. Ventura County CEO Mike Powers said residents have done well in following guidelines to avoid infection, but they must remain vigilant: “Stay home, stay well, we can't let our guard down,” said Powers. “A huge thank you to our entire community, it's working.”

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