Northern California based recycling company buys Crown Disposal

It should be another short meeting for the City Council Monday, the last full session for a majority of the panel that come December will no longer be serving.

The kids are back at school and summer vacations are now just fading memories, so it must be autumn. But the seasons don’t just move on the calendar - they also change in your life. And, speaking of changes, you’ll have to make many of them as you move through the years - and that includes changes to your investment portfolio. But how will you know when it’s time to take action? 

Whether you have young children or not, you’re probably well aware that Halloween is almost here. However, despite the plethora of skeletons and ghosts you might see floating around this week, you probably don’t have much to fear (except, possibly, running out of candy). But in real life, some things genuinely are frightening - such as “scary” investment moves.

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