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Letters to the Editor

December 04, 2015

Veterans Day Thank You

Rossalyn  Candland Sullivan 

Donald (Don) Dean Paillette

Bobby “Bob” Charles Carroll 

Robert C. Lopez 1956-2015

James R. Biby Jr 

Letters to the Editor

November 13, 2015

Santa Clara Valley Democratic Club

 You’ve no doubt heard about the risks associated with investing. This investment carries this type of risk, while that investment carries another one. And it is certainly true that all investments do involve some form of risk. But what about not investing? Isn’t there some risk associated with that, too?

Well it seems we may finally be getting some fall weather in the Heritage Valley!  As the season turns and the leaves begin to fall another year-end approaches.   Around the end of the year I always think ‘maintenance’.  It’s something that has just become part of my natural thought process over the years being in the computer support arena.  Here’s what I mean. 

Barbara Elaine Harvey 

Letters to the Editor

October 23, 2015

VFW says 

Don Daniel 

Dolores Howard 

Consuelo Hernandez Garcia

Larry Fuller

October 3, 2015 ushers in new laws and rules to protect homebuyers from being duped or acting without being informed. There are new forms replacing old forms and new timelines designed to slow down the purchase process. The rules apply only to transactions beginning October 3 or later.

Maybe you already have an email client (service) – this is probably true.  If you do, maybe you’re thinking of changing.  And yet, maybe you’re a ‘newbie’ and don’t’ have email and would like to have one but really don’t know where to start.  I’ve hit on these items in my sharing of information in the past but it’s worth revisiting, particularly for anyone who missed it.  Let’s share some views on the general terms and definitions that might help you navigate this path.  Please keep in mind there are details/options here and there than can be tweaked with all the different options - the goal here is to just give you a general overview.

Francis W. Boyle 

Wendell Gaylon Dowling 

Anne Shilton Graumlich

Dora E. Hernandez 

David O. Avendaño 

Letters to the Editor

September 25, 2015

The Santa Clara Waste Water’s 

Rita Garcia Lopez 


Buddy Ray Colvard 

Marjorie Katherine Wilson 

Loretta (Coppenger) Poynter 

George Frederick Thompson 

Eura Louise Wright 

John Robert “J.R.”  McGee 

By Rev. Michelle Magee

Thelma Jean Helton Colvard 

Helen Audrey Garmon 

Good day!  I hope you are faring well during this warm summer month!

Marjorie K. Wilson 

Letters to the Editor

August 21, 2015

Thank You

You might not think much about inflation. After all, it’s been quite low for the past several years. Still, you may want to take it into account when you’re planning your retirement income strategy. 

Once upon a time, inflation settled naturally into the housing market.  There was also a time when the next home sold on almost any street would sell for a little bit more--just because. No one minded because we are geared to profit, cost of living  increases and healthy inflation.  But now,  the garage has to be bigger or granite has to be in place of the old Formica tops. 

Charles Alfred Fairbanks

Carole Reese 

Ernest L. Britton

Jessica Cuevas 

Shirley Ann Capps Logsdon Alsup 

Letters to the Editor

July 31, 2015

Let’s Try to Help

Computer Bytes

July 31, 2015

This time around I’d like to share insight on some neat tools that used in the right environment can save you lots of time and money.  While this suggestion can be applied really anywhere - the home computer, the system the kids use, a common work station at the office - an ideal environment is a ‘shared resource’ or ‘public system’.  Basically what this means is a system or environment such as in a class room, library, social club, etc. shared by many different uses.

Kay Wilson-Bolton is a Chaplain and Director of SPIRIT of Santa Paula,a non-profit organization serving the most vulnerable and least powerful people in the community.

Frank J. Garcia

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