Virginia Deane Bartley 

We’re at the end of another school year. If you have younger kids, you might be thinking about summer camps and other activities. But in the not-too-distant future, your children will be facing a bigger transition as they head off to college. Will you be financially prepared for that day?

The Cryptolocker Bug

April 22, 2016

Hello friends and associates.  The old saying goes “April showers bring May flowers.”  Let’s hope that old adage holds up and we get some adequate rains to SoCal!  This session I want to visit an issue that’s currently on the front pages, IT speaking, right now.  We provide our information we share from experience, web site/tech site references, etc.  

Marsha McDivitt Rea 

Patricia Stewart VanderPloeg

Letters to the Edfiror

April 15, 2016

RE: Fossil fuel power plant 

Robert (Bob) E. Dickenson 

Betty June Rhodes 

Letters to the Edfiror

April 01, 2016

Powerful students vs power plant

If you’re at the beginning of your career, you might not be thinking too much about the end of it. But even younger workers should be aware of – and saving for – their eventual retirement. And since you’ve got many years until you do retire, you’ve got a lot of options to consider – one of which is whether an IRA may be appropriate for you and, if so, what type. 

Dale V. McCracken 

Marcos A. Hurtado 

Velma Loree Cox 

Angie Ellen Birky

Letter to the Editor

March 18, 2016

Power Plant

Our Beloved Son, Brother, Father and Grandson, Christopher Paul Bishop, Jr., 18, became a Soldier of God’s Great Paradise on February 23, 2016. He was young, but had an incredible goal list to start. Christopher was a quiet, happy and kind hearted young boy. My sons ultimate love of his life was his daughter, Alayna Rose Bishop. He made sure she had everything she needed or wanted before himself. The few weeks before Christopher’s passing, he had spoke of God, love, change and family. The conversations were different, talking about new beginnings. He is survived by his daughter, Alayna Rose Bishop, Norwalk, Ca., Mother, Michelle Ontiveros, brothers Raymond & Daniel, sisters Y’leesa Delatorre, Jolissa (Jose) Hernandez, grandmother, Lupe Ontiveros, all of Santa Paula. Father Chris P. Bishop of Los Angeles County. As well as his aunts, uncles, cousins and friends. He was preceded in death by his sister Klorissa N. Diaz. Donations may be made to Christopher Paul Bishop Jr. Gofund created by Michelle Ontiveros. God Bless You. A funeral service is planned at 11:00 a.m. on Saturday, March 19, 2016 at Church of Angels, 600 E Pleasant St, Santa Paula, CA 93060. Arrangements entrusted to Otto & Son’s. Camino del Sol, (805) 483-3443

Roy Lee Alsup Jr was born in Temple,Texas, on June 28 1941 to Roy Lee Alsup and Martha Louise ( Barker)and his sister Betty “Brantley” Alsup.was born 3 years later . Roy moved from Texas in 1947 to Santa Paula, where he lived out on Limonera Ranch camp #800. There he grew up and made many life long friends. When he was 17 he enlisted into the United States Navy. While in the Navy he met a beautiful brunette name Peggy Bevill. They married a short time later in 1960. A short time after that they had their first child Roy and 3 years later a daughter Paige. Roy loved being a father so much so that he was baptized in 1967 and gave his life to christ.  He knew even as a young man he wanted to raise to his family with God’s help. He and his son were in the “Y” Indian guides and he helped coach his son’s baseball teams all through little league. Roy bought his first home on Pamala Ln in Santa Paula in 1969. That was a vey proud time for Roy, he had been working for Union Oil for many years. He felt God had truly blessed him. 

Letters to the Editor

March 11, 2016

Roundabouts - A Waste of Ag Land and Taxpayer Money

For many people, the concept of retirement can be scary, both emotionally and financially. If you, too, feel somewhat anxious about what awaits you, you might feel more comfortable in knowing that, depending on where you work, you might be able to retire in stages. 

Georgia passed on Thursday, March 3, 2016. She was born April 30, 1923 to Glenn and Alice Bilyeu.  She married Dean Morton in Burbank, Ca after meeting him at a USO Dance. He was an Army soldier from Kansas and it was love at first site. Georgia retired from the County of Ventura after 18 years.  She was a beloved Mom, Aunt, Grandma, Grandma G and GG.  She will be missed dearly.

A taxpayer who needs more time to complete his or her 2015 individual tax return can request an automatic six-month extension. The extension is obtained by filing IRS Form 4868 on or before the April 18, 2016 deadline. 

David Noriega Nava 

Jessie “Betty” Giffin 

William Maynard Greene

Antonia Cabral Marcelo 

 As an investor, you may be gaining familiarity with the term “market correction.” But what does it mean? And, more importantly, what does it mean to you?

Janice Ann Heflin

Gordon Welsh 

Ling O. “Harry O” Hom 

Ling O. “Harry O” Hom 

Letters to the Edfiror

February 05, 2016

Thank You

Americans spent nearly $19 billion in Valentine’s Day gifts last year, according to the National Retail Federation. Much of this money went for gifts with short shelf lives, such as candy, flowers and restaurant meals (and about $700 million was spent on gifts for pets). There’s certainly nothing wrong with giving chocolates or roses. But this year, think about going beyond the classic gifts. Instead, use Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to determine how you can make gifts with long-lasting impact to your circle of loved ones. 

Letters to the Edfiror

January 29, 2016

No more playing in the street

By Jenny Crosswhite 

Happy New Year to all!  Here’s hoping your personal and business endeavors for 2016 are rewarding and successful.

Augustine Torres Bouvet (Augie)

Shirley Zuniga

Clara Behrens 

Cesario “Shorty” Huerta 

Lawrence Robert Lasure 

By Mike Kelley & 

Raymond Renteria

Leslie Anne Flanders Carson (1949-2016)

A taxpayer’s filing status for the year is based upon his or her marital status at the close of the tax year. Thus, if you get married on the last day of the tax year, you are treated as married for the entire year. The options for married couples are to file jointly or separately. Both statuses can result in surprises for individuals who previously filed as unmarried. The surprises can be both pleasant and unpleasant. 

Carlos Martinez Prado 

Rose Frias Cordero

Mary (Milly) Catherine Sorensen

Hello friends and associates – Happy Holidays!  This session I want to visit security, in a different fashion, more directed to ‘protecting your security’.  It’s an ongoing problem worth attention and vigilance.

Maria Viola Dominguez 

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