Pete Mason wins Santa Paula Airport Challenge!

October 22, 1999
Santa Paula News
Using his Schweizer 222 glider, Pete Mason, 42, of Santa Paula beat out 12 other pilots in powered planes to win the $100 first place price in the Santa Paula Airport Challenge spot landing contest. The event, sponsored by Santa Paula Pilots, was held at the airport on Sunday. In this competition, pilots had to land as close as possible past a line on the runway. Several competitors were disqualified for touching the runway with their wheels prior to the line.Pete runs Pete Mason Banner Towing at the airport and is a second generation pilot in a family of famous pilots. Pete's father, Sammy Mason, is a world famous former airshow pilot and retired test pilot. He was the first person in history to fly a helicopter inverted.Second place was won by Mike Harding, 19, of Ojai in a Cessna 150. Mike is a private pilot, attends Ventura College, and works part-time at CP Aviation at the airport. He has a goal of becoming a professional pilot.Pete's brother, Jonathan Mason, was third.
Gerald Moseley in a Citabria won the companion event, a teddy bear bomb drop from at least 250 feet above the target.This is the first event in the Santa Paula Airport Challenge series. The second event is scheduled for November 14 and is open to all Santa Paula Airport pilots. There is no entry fee but prior sign up is required. Contact Rowena Mason at 525-7081 for details.

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