Rec. Commissioners to discuss new park at Thursday special meeting

February 01, 2017
Santa Paula News

There will be a special meeting of the City of Santa Paula Recreation Commission Thursday evening to address additional amenities at the proposed park at the Harvest at Limoneira development.

The February 2 meeting will be held at the Community Center (530 W. Main St.) starting at 6:30 p.m.

According to the agenda the commission will be address the creation of a priority list of added amenities for the 39-plus-acre park.

The commission has been addressing the public park for months and what amenities the $6 million allocation would buy as well as how an additional $5 million could be spent on the park.

Funds are from Limoneira Co., which with Lewis Community Builders will construct 1,500 new housing units east of Hallock Drive; the $5 million was given to the city in lieu of a joint use civic center that did not materialized.

The City Council will approve the basic park as well as the spending plan for the additional $5 million.

At the commissionís January 12 meeting it was decided the panel would craft a list of amenities and additions to present to the council for a concept review. A portion of the park, 24 acres, must be dedicated to active sports.

Residents of the 1,500 residential units located the Harvest at Limoneira will have their own Homeowners Association (HOA) and private recreation facilities.

There has been a minor struggle between the Recreation Commission and staff with Recreation Director Ed Mount urging council direct primarily on the basic park facility and its $6 million budget.

Commissioners have objected, believing a full, $11 million facility should be presented to the council reflecting added amenities that could result from the additional $5 million.

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