Samantha Ortiz enjoys her Thanksgiving Dinner at the Santa Paula Boys and Girls Club last week.

Boys & Girls Club serves
turkey dinner to kids

December 02, 2016
Santa Paula News

The Boys and Girls Cub of the Santa Clara Valley served their annual Thanksgiving Turkey dinner to club members last Wednesday.

Jan Margolin, Executive Director of the club said Scott and Cynthia Dunbar of the local Troop Real Estate office supply the turkeys and this year they served 103 families in the three club locations in Santa Paula, Fillmore and Piru. “The kids were over the moon,” Margolin said. “They were so excited and the families were very, very grateful.” This was the first year they provided the turkey dinner in Piru and the word back was that people were very grateful. Margolin added, “This is a huge, amazing thing for us and we appreciate Troop Real Estates’ support of the club each year. This is a kickoff to the giving season and we appreciate everything that’s done for our kids.” 

Scott Dunbar said their office has been doing this since 2004. “We love it, it’s a great time of year and the kids really enjoy it,” he said. Dunbar said the idea started with a Simi Valley Troop agent 15 or 16 years ago and has since spread to all of the Ventura County offices. Each office decides where the turkeys will go in their community. The turkeys are purchased through the Simi Valley office and then distributed around the county. 

Roman Moya was one of the club members serving food. This was his first time to serve food to other kids.  As for the dinner he said, “I think it’s great.” Violeta Mendoza was another server. This was her second time. “I like it,” she said. “Thanksgiving is a chance to give thanks for the food.” Abraham Panis said he loved turkey and was looking forward to a turkey dinner at home on Thanksgiving Day. Samantha Ortiz was enjoying her dinner and said she loved it.

Mari Soriano is the Site Director for the Boys and Girls Club and has worked for the club for 12 years. She cooked the turkeys ad organized the volunteer servers. “I do Thanksgiving dinner every year for the club and always the one responsible for cooking the turkeys,” she said. She added that her secret recipe is “A lot of love.” She said a lot of the kids are Hispanic and aren’t used to the traditional turkey dinner. “We had a family we gave a turkey to and the mother said what do we do with it? So, she made mole instead of the traditional turkey in the oven. She makes mole with chicken, so she made it with turkey.”

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