SPPD: Three cited after BB shots
break office window at Glen City School

August 22, 2014
Santa Paula News

Three people were cited Monday after shooting at targets with BB guns that caused a lockdown of a local school when the shot broke a window.

According to Santa Paula Police Sgt. Ken Clark, the August 18 incident was reported at 12:46 p.m. at Glen City School, located at the corner of West Main Street and Steckel Drive.

“School workers heard sounds like rocks or objects striking the window,” in the office and observed small holes such as those that might be made by BB shot in the glass.

“When one of the workers looked across the way they saw someone that appeared to be holding a rifle,” go into the apartments on the west side of Steckel Drive.

School officials locked down the campus and when police arrived they set up a perimeter around the apartment building.

Clark said contact was made with the occupants of an apartment that told police, “They were shooting objects out towards the balcony and not aiming at the school... three BB guns were confiscated as evidence.”

The three, Jesse Camacho, 24, Selena Arrella, 19 and 18-year-old Isaac Mares, were cited for willfully discharging a BB device in a grossly negligent manner to cause injury or death.  

The lock down was lifted in less than an hour.

“I want to remind people that discharging any weapon, including BB guns is against city ordinance,” and although state law is different it does have a strict law regarding negligent discharge of a BB gun that could cause injury or death.

“I don’t think people always realize that being shot with a BB gun can injure or even kill a person,” said Clark.

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