SPUSD Board okays pay raise

August 13, 2014
Santa Paula News

The Santa Paula Unified School District Board voted last week to increase their monthly stipend by five percent. Under the California Education Code the board can consider up to a five percent yearly increase.

Board members currently receive $240 per month, as well as authorized travel expenses and health and welfare benefits. The increase gives them $252 dollars a month ($3,024 annually). The district also pays the premiums for board members electing to participate in the district health and welfare benefits program to the same extent that it pays for district employees. 

Board members choosing to take advantage of the district health coverage are Christina Urias, Chris Wilson and Kelsey Stewart. Stewart only gets dental, vision and life insurance ($1,580 annually). Wilson and Urias take part in the entire program, including health coverage. For the full insurance package the benefit comes out to $1,251 per month ($15,010 annually). Board member Michelle Kolbeck and President Diana Ponce-Gomez only take the life insurance coverage, which is $57.60 per year.

Board members can receive travel expenses when taking part in activities authorized by the whole board. This can include attendance at educational seminars or conferences; participation in regional; state or national organizations whose activities affect the district’s interest; attendance at district or community events and meetings with state or federal officials on issues of community concern. Personal expenses are not covered by the district.

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