An unidentified Santa Paula woman walked away from a Monday morning crash without injuries after her car struck a vehicle parked with such force that it wound up on top of her car’s hood. The accident occurred on Highway 150/Ojai-Santa Paula Road.

SPPD: SP woman escapes injury after
vehicle she hits winds up on her own

June 11, 2014
Santa Paula News

A Santa Paula woman walked away from a serious accident after she lost control of her car on Highway 150/Ojai-Santa Paula Road and struck a parked vehicle with so much force that it was pushed up and over her own compact.

Santa Paula Police Sgt. Jeremy Watson, the SPPD Traffic Investigator, said the accident occurred Monday, June 9 at about 8:30 a.m. when the unidentified driver in her late 20s was traveling southbound.

Watson said the woman reported, “As she approached Richmond Road a vehicle turned off Richmond onto Ojai Road... she said she was startled,” and while trying to apply her brakes and work the clutch of her vehicle to avoid a collision she lost control of her Volkswagen compact.

Her car veered off the right side of the road and collided with the rear end of a parked Chevrolet compact.

“Actually,” said Watson, “her vehicle was able to get underneath the parked Chevrolet and spin it around,” so it became partially airborne and came down on top of the engine compartment. It appeared the hood of the woman’s car was partially peeled back as a result of the collision.

Watson said the force of the collision caused both vehicles to continue to travel until they came to rest against the tailgate of a parked, black pickup truck.

When police arrived on scene, Watson said, “I didn’t believe it when she was standing next to me and saying she was the driver... she walked away from that uninjured.”

It was found that in spite of the exterior damage, “There was no crushing to the interior of the vehicle, the airbags caused the window to shatter a little and there was slight penetration,” but “The whole interior of that car was intact.”

Watson said that the woman was wearing a seatbelt and that the airbags deployed “Really helped her out... it was about the most serious crash I’ve seen in a while.”

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