Closure of Ventura DMV will drive foot traffic to Santa Paula, others

February 12, 2014
Santa Paula News

By Peggy Kelly 

Santa Paula Times 

If you’re going to be needing the services of the Department of Motor Vehicles in coming months you might want to plan on taking care of business early: the closure of the Ventura DMV for an expected five months will probably cause a major traffic jam at the Santa Paula DMV office.

The DMV announced Friday that the Ventura DMV office, in operation since 1986 on Market Street in the industrial area, will close February 21 for a renovation project that is projected to be completed in August.

When it will reopens the Ventura facility will have with new sidewalks and a newly paved parking lot, as well as renovated restrooms, new signage, and updated floors, lighting and furniture in the 8,579 square foot building.

The office’s 27 employees will be relocated to sites in Oxnard, Santa Paula, Thousand Oaks and Santa Barbara where DMV users will be referred.

The other offices including Santa Paula are going to need the extra help as the Ventura DMV handles an average of 145,866 transactions a year.

The DMV is hoping that more and more vehicle owners will visit the website where customers can take care of numerous items of business such as registrations online. 

Or people needing services can call (800) 777-0133.

The website is 

Don’t be fooled: there are several online companies out there that can legally take care of your DMV transactions but will collect a service charge.

All online business conducted online with the DMV directly is free, other than the money owed for the specific service. There is no service charge for dealing directly with the DMV at 

If you need to visit the Santa Paula DMV make an appointment and save yourself the wait... but don’t delay as the anticipated influx of customers redirected from the Ventura office might cause serious overload.

Motorists who need a DMV office will be directed to the DMV offices in Oxnard at 4050 South Saviers Road, Santa Paula at 250 W. Harvard Blvd., or in Thousand Oaks at 1810 Avenida De Los Arboles, or Santa Barbara at 535 Castillo St.

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