Isbell’s John Donahue honored by chamber as Educator of the Month

November 20, 2013
Santa Paula News

By Peggy Kelly 

Santa Paula Times

An Isbell Middle School teacher who goes out of his way to work with students was lauded at the November Good Morning Santa Paula! 

John Donahue was honored as Educator of the Month at the Chamber of Commerce breakfast meeting. Isbell Assistant Principal Gina Ramirez said Donahue, “Is an exemplary teacher,” who adapts easily to change.

“We recently flipped classrooms around,” a move that Ramirez said left Donahue unfazed.

“He is dedicated.... we don’t allow any students to fail at Isbell and teachers like John work through lunch, do whatever is needed,” to work closely with students to bring up their grades and heighten the learning experience.

“John is an excellent teacher, very warm,” and well liked by students and his peers.

Ramirez said Donahue has contributed greatly to Isbell’s “excellent learning environment.” 

Donahue noted he was, “Fortunate to have parents who raised and encouraged me to find a career I was passionate about. My father was a business owner, my mother a teacher,” and Donhue said he followed his mother’s career example.

“It’s something I love, I’m passionate about teaching and about Isbell,” which Donahue noted has made “many changes over the years.... I’m also passionate about the city of Santa Paula.”

“Our children are our most vital resource,” said Good Morning Santa Paula Moderator Ben Schuck, and, “Without your commitment our next generation would fail us.” 

Schuck encouraged Donahue, “When you go back to school, tell the other teaches not only what this award means but your students as well.... I hope you put this in your classroom and let your students,” see how the Chamber of Commerce recognized Donhaue’s dedication and accomplishments as a teacher.

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