Letters to the Editor

April 19, 2013

Respecting sacred space

To the Editor:

Last Friday one of our Santa Paula churches was vandalized. This must stop! Teach your children to honor churches as holy ground. Believe in your own heart that churches are holy ground. Gather together as a community to value and to protect these sacred spaces. Participate in the rituals at these churches so the holy touches your lives. 

We need the spirit just as much as we need food, water and air. When we do spiritual practices we open ourselves to God’s abundant life. When we turn away, we bring consequences on our own heads. Give honor, glory and praise to God and godly things and receive the blessings. When you are blessed, all are blessed. Go to church this week.  

Pastor Ron Dybvig

St. Paul’s & Emmanuel Church

Santa Paula

For the good of the city

To the Editor:

Thank goodness for “our” City Council who battled many citizens of our fair city and many that worked behind the scenes to create havoc among our citizens. “Our” City Council fought an uphill battle trying to keep “our” city solvent!! The war isn’t over yet but at least there is progress being made. They made some unpopular decisions, not of these decisions were easy but they did it!

Our neighbors to the east are now working to keep their city solvent. At the time the hard decisions needed to be made, their City Council chose not to! The voters chose to make a change, a new Council was elected!

Our City Council is still working hard and making tough decisions. Some popular, some not so popular! Just keep in mind, there is no personal gain! The decisions are made for the good of the city as a whole, not for just a few!

For the people, by the people!!

Maiya Herrera

Santa Paula

How do you separate truth from fiction?

To the Editor:

In my opinion, there are ways to tell when a politician is giving us truth or spin. One thing that alerts me is when they read their speech with little or no eye contact. This tells me that a trusted committee wrote the speech and they are giving you the consensus of the committee’s thinking and not their own thoughts.   If the speaker uses a teleprompter, you know that some committee prepared the talk.  We all have witnessed the occasion when President Obama’s teleprompter failed him finding him almost disoriented and speechless.

A politician that looks his audience in the eye without reading his speech is usually giving us his honest thinking on a subject. He thinks he knows the facts and is giving us his personnel opinion, as he sees it. 

I have found that there are three occupations that will never answer a direct yes or no question when asked for their personal opinion on a sensitive matter. This may come as a surprise to some,, but politicians, attorneys and ministers will never answer a yes or no question!   This requires a commitment and can close the door to future vacillating on an issue. They would see the question as a bear trap!  They do not want to bare their souls! 

 David Kaiser

Santa Paula

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