Moonlight: Creatures are monsters, Big Foot, Santa Claus - even yourself

September 12, 2012
Santa Paula News

The dictionary defines creature as any living person or animal, somebody or something that has been created as well as somebody who is under the influence of somebody or something else.

So that gives creatures plenty of leeway to choose which creature you’ll be to have a great time at Moonlight at the Ranch VI: “Creatures of the Night!” where you can come as just about anything, even - gasp! - yourself.

No matter how you come, you’ll get your creature on at this September 22 celebration paying homage to those immortal “Creatures of the Night!” and Honorary Chairmen Count Dracula (Bela Lugosi) and Frankenstein’s Monster (Boris Karloff). Special guests for this evening of marvelous mayhem - to be held at Limoneira Ranch Park and the Headquarters Courtyard - are Bela Lugosi Jr. and Sara Karloff, the late stars’ children.

Tickets are only $60 each for Moonlight, each year Ventura County’s signature event benefiting the Santa Paula Police & Fire Foundation and Chamber of Commerce.

You’ll have the time of your “afterlife” at Moonlight, which starts at 6 p.m. with cocktails at no-host bars including Bloody Marys and Karl Strauss Brewery’s hearty “Oktoberfest,” the only Bavarian beer poured at Dr. Frankenstein’s castle. At 7 p.m. guests will “pass on” to the Ranch headquarters for “feasting,” tastings from dozens of fine restaurants offering cuisine every zombie will love. 

Feel like dancing on a grave? At 8 p.m. there will be monster mashing with entertainment by that ghoulishly great band Men on the Moon!

Not up to donning a costume? Of course you can come as yourself, casual to dressy, one of those 100 percent hapless humans likely to run into a creature of any sort. You can add a “Creature” touch to regular attire with makeup or an accessory. Or, you can go full-blown “Creature” - and the list is endless!

Of course expect to see a Count Dracula or two (or 20!) and a plethora of Frankenstein’s Monsters, but there are other “Creatures of the Night!” Like what? How about a Disco king or queen? Santa Claus is also a famous creature of the night; so is Mom in her PJs with rollers in her hair.

Mom? Of course - after all who else showed up when you were a kid with a monster under the bed? In fact you can finally face that monster or even be the monster under the bed yourself. 

How about a milkman - remember them? Also a creature of the night, as are newspaper delivery folks, diner waitresses, insomniacs, prowlers, your ex-, maybe even your Uncle Fred who showed up for dinner and never went home!

Want to really get your creature on? How about Mighty Joe Young, King Kong, Big Foot, space aliens, ghosts, witches, zombies; even “The Fly,” “THEM!” or “The Spider!” those giant insects that were the scourge of 1950s Saturday matinees. 

From werewolves to mummies, characters from The Munsters and The Adams Family to even yourself, you’ll enjoy a great night out, no matter what your idea of what a creature is. “Creatures of the Night!” promises to a “Thriller” of an evening, where you’ll get a jolt out of our electrodes at this adults-only celebration with its unique raffles and ghoulish fun.

Feeling a little drained? Don’t worry about your energy level; if you’re dead on your feet you’ll still fit in perfectly at Moonlight’s “Creatures of the Night!” 

Tickets - only $60 each! - are available in Santa Paula at the Chamber of Commerce, 200 N. 10th St.; The Best of VC Marketplace, 108 N. 10th St.; and the Santa Paula Times, 944 E. Main Street. Tickets are also available at The Wine Rack, 14 S. California St., Ventura.

Remember: charge by phone (MC & VISA) at 805-525-1890, Monday - Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Leave a message anytime - a “Creature” will call you back to take your ticket order! 

Don’t forget that you’ll get a reserved table for “feasting” when you purchase eight tickets at once, available only by calling 525-1890 or in person at the Times. If you don’t purchase tickets in advance, but are dying to attend, there will be a limited number available at the door, $75 each.

For more information or to make pre-paid reservations, visit Be sure to visit - and Like! - our Facebook page!

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