“Nurture Your Spirit, Help Heal Our World” proclaims the banner in front of the Universalist Unitarian Church of Santa Paula, which invites children ages 6 to 10 to be part of a new Sunday morning class, “Love Will Guide Us.”

New class for children exploring spirituality and the big questions of life

September 07, 2012
Santa Paula News

The Unitarian Universalist community of Santa Paula is offering a Sunday morning class for children, ages 6 to 10, entitled “Love Will Guide Us.” Drawing on the wisdom of all the world’s major religions, traditions and cultures, this curriculum helps children find answers to the timeless questions of life: “Where did we come from?” “Why are we here?” “What is our relationship to the earth?” “How can we respond with love and compassion, even in difficult situations?” “What happens when you die? “

All sessions highlight love as a core value (and as a key aspect of Unitarian Universalism). Using the night sky and the North Star as metaphors, participants explore:

• The sense of wonder we all share.

• The women and men of long ago and today whose lives remind us to be kind and fair.

• The ethical and spiritual wisdom of the world’s religions.

• Jewish and Christian teachings, which tell us to love all others as we love ourselves.

• The use of reason and the discoveries of science.

• The power of nature and the sacred circle of life.

• Examples of faithful belief and action from our Unitarian and Universalist heritage.

All sessions include guided discussion, reflection, hands-on activities, and self-expression to engage participants with various learning styles. Sessions that rely heavily on verbal learning also offer alternate activities for more active learners.

Feeling welcome and part of the community is central to this religious education course. Ritual and repetition are important: sharing opening words, a chalice lighting, centering in silence before hearing a story, and singing. This is a wonderful opportunity for spiritual engagement and learning for children, led by experienced and caring teachers.

Sunday service at the UU Church of Santa Paula begins at 10:30, when everyone gathers in the sanctuary for 10 to 15 minutes; then the children begin their religious education, rejoining the community when the worship service is over.

Childcare is provided for younger children. Older children are welcome in the worship service, or may participate in the religious education program.

The Universalist Unitarian Church is located at 740 E. Main Street. For questions, visit our website, www.uucsp.org or call the church office, 805-525-4647.

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