Small, deep earthquake mapped

May 25, 2011
Santa Paula News

A small and deep earthquake was reported last week in the Santa Clara River Valley in an area not mapped with a reported active fault.

According to the U.S. Geological Service the earthquake was reported Tuesday, May 17 at 7:06 p.m.

The 2.0 magnitude event was reported at a depth of 27.5 miles. Its location was 34.488°N, 119.051°W, 9 miles north of Santa Paula and 10 miles northwest of Fillmore.

The seismic activity occurred in an area not mapped with an active fault: Tuesday’s earthquake was located in an area above the San Cayetano Fault and below the Santa Ynez Fault. The latest micro-earthquake came several weeks after other seismic activity in the river valley.

A magnitude 2.3 occurred April 29 six miles northwest of Santa Paula, located at 34.416°N, 119.141°W and measured at a depth of 8.9 miles. The approximate location was near the Mission Ridge Parrida Fault close to the San Cayetano Fault. It was measured 6 miles east southeast of Ojai, 8 miles east southeast of Meiners Oaks and 11 miles north-northeast of Ventura.

An apparent 1.5 magnitude aftershock struck more than two hours later and was mapped on or very close to the San Cayetano Fault; described as “poorly constrained” its location was only estimated as occurring 34.448°N, 119.043°W. The event was estimated to be 6 miles north northeast of Santa Paula and 8 miles west-northwest of Fillmore.

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