John Tinsley with his bike in Las Vegas.

John Tinsley was at the races in Las Vegas!

January 26, 2011

Gene Romero’s West Coast Flat Track Series (WCFTS) Indoor Cement Championships was held at the South Point Casino January 7 & 8.   John Tinsley, #40, was riding a 450 Honda sponsored by Herrera Racing, Johnny Angel Racing, and The Shop.

John was in the Top Gun 450 class, the other classes were: K&N Open Class, Saddlemen Vintage Class, and Classic Open Class.  The Top Gun 450 Class is the newest class to debut on the WCFTS program.  This class is designed to offer current motocross, off-road racers and potential dirt track racers a unique opportunity to learn and develop their skills.  And boys were those skills tested!

This time instead of a dirt track, they were racing on cement.  In order to make the tires grab the cement, track officials poured over 50 gallons of Pepsi Cola onto the track!  Then, once the races started and the motorcycles were making laps the rubber was gripping.  Back in the pits, racers and their crews were brushing their tires with wire brushes and some were even applying a blowtorch to heat the rubber!

John qualified to race both days.  He was riding great and feeling the track.  Then, in the semi finals on the 8th he crashed in turn 3 and that eliminated him from the competition.  Ryan Foster of Sunnyvale took first; Curtis Peebles JR of Bakersfield took second.

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