Anita Gonzalez honored by SPESD

September 24, 1999
Santa Paula News
A well deserved recognition as District Classified Employee for September, came Anita Gonzalez's way at the Santa Paula Elementary School board meeting on September 9. Gonzalez has been a loyal employee of the school district since 1973 when she came to work as an instructional aide at Barbara Webster. ``I could not have asked for a better partner,'' said Rick Cadman, Blanchard principal. At the time Gonzalez hired on in the district, Cadman was a teacher at Barbara Webster. ``From the onset she had positive expectations for our students' success and was always eager to help in any way she could.''Cadman went on to tell the board and audience, that to this day, he remembered the concern for students permeating everything she did.In 1976, Gonzalez went on to become the Migrant Community Laison to the district. In the migrant position, her nurturing and caring ways touched a greater number of children. As the migrant health and community liaison, she assisted with the dental clinic where hundreds of children received needed care. She did home visits to enroll students in the migrant program and to see to their health problems. In addition, she attended night meetings, assited in all health screenings, and helped wherever there was a need.Even today, if something is going to benefit the students Gonzalez will be there.``She is always on the spot,'' said Cadman. ``Especially when someone needs something done, like serving on the district's safety committee. Not only does she pitch in, she will get others involved as well.''
Following the retirement of the District school nurse, in 1978, Gonzalez became the district health assistant. In this role she is responsible for any and all health related problems at the schools and has conducted literally tens of thousands of vision, dental, hearing, scoliosis, and kindergarten roundup screenings. She also oversees the maintaining of student histories, the dental clinic, transportation of students to medical appointments and that medication is given to students when required by a physician.``Oh yes,'' Cadman said, ``she sees that all our students are up to date with immunizations.''Gonzalez has been an active member of the California School Employee Association where she is the site representative for both Blanchard and Isbell schools, part of the negotiating team, and the chapter's ``Sunshine Person'' - she's truly a `little treasure' to the district.

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