Juvenile arrested after allegedly striking father with bo-staff

January 05, 2011
Santa Paula Police Department

A 17-year-old Santa Paula boy was arrested Sunday after an altercation with his father during which he allegedly struck the man with a martial arts tool.

According to Santa Paula Police Lieutenant Carlos Juarez, the incident was reported on January 2 “at just about 10 p.m.” as a disturbance in the 100 block of Sonoma Lane, located west of Palm Avenue.

“Apparently, the boy was arguing with his father and they got into a physical altercation,” said Juarez. The boy allegedly struck his father with a bo-staff, a martial arts tool that can range up to six feet long and six inches in diameter with tapered ends. The father, said Juarez, had “minor injuries” resulting from the altercation.

Upon the arrival of SPPD officers, the unidentified boy “ran off and hid in his room, locked the door. Officers spoke to the kid through the closed door” and made contact with him on his cell phone, but Juarez said the juvenile “hung up on the officers. The officers were trying to talk to him through the door, but he had the music on really loud... which we guess had been a part of the problem” initially between the boy and his father.

Also on the scene were SPPD officers trained as Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) counselors. “We had people who were CIT trained there and they had tried to talk the boy” through the door.

Juarez said the circumstances did not rise to the level of considering the boy a barricaded subject: “There was never indication that the boy would harm himself or others, but if it had escalated to that we would have broken the door down... as it was” the boy turned down the music and “officers counseled and talked to him for about a half-hour before he finally came out” at approximately 10:30 p.m.

The boy was taken into custody without further incident, Juarez added, and the investigation into the altercation is ongoing.

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