Barbara Quaid, Ventura County Fair CEO unveils the 2010 Fair poster.

Ventura County Fair announces 2010 Fair Poster Contest Winners

July 14, 2010
Santa Paula News

75 Ventura County children in Grades 5 through 12 competed in the first Ventura County Fair Poster Contest with entries that illustrated the Fair’s 2010 Theme: “Western Nights and Carnival Lights”. Of these entries, three were chosen by a panel of judges as the winners of the 2010 Ventura County Fair poster Contest.

First Prize went to Kayalin Akens-Irby (14) of Ventura for her rendition of horses bounding down a Ventura County hillside and onto the Carousel as Fireworks explode in the air above. The work is rendered in Oil Pastels on black paper in a playful style that is colorful and fun.

Second place was won by Mattie Myers (14) of Ventura for her beautiful illustration of a ferris wheel in a style that is reminiscent of Art Nouveau and also of 1960s abstract. The sky is aglow with fireworks and the Fairgrounds is populated with little people engaged in all sorts of fair activities.

Third place was awarded to Amanda Vassaur (15) of Fillmore for her electrifying depiction of the Fair in a pointillist style that not only illustrates the theme but also illuminates it with point after careful point of color.

“We congratulate the talented winners of this year’s contest,” said Barbara Quaid, Ventura County Fair CEO, adding “Every artist who entered is valuable because you have all contributed to your community by sharing your talents. You have told us 75 different Fair stories in 75 unique ways. We thank every child who participated and encourage them all to continue making art and sharing it with us at the annual Ventura County Fair.”

Cash Prizes were awarded to the winners and the artwork will be used to promote the 2010 Ventura County Fair, August 4 - 15. Children’s Dental Group sponsored the contest.

For more information about the Ventura County Fair, and to see the winning designs, please visit<>.


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