Isaac Rodriguez and Kirsten Brock

Mupu School Geo Bee Winners

February 10, 2010
Santa Paula News

30 students competed in the National Geographic Geo Bee at Mupu School. Students were asked questions about U.S. geography, U.S cities, states, continents, and cultural geography. 

 8th grader Isaac Rodriguez was the winner.  He is the son of Lorraine Marquez and Victor Rodriguez.  Kirsten Brock, also an 8th grader, was runner up.  She is the daughter of David and Theresa Brock.

 Isaac’s winning question was, “The Garden Ring, with its eight lanes of traffic, crosses Gorky Park in which European capital city?”  (Moscow).  Isaac was really nervous but confident.  He didn’t think he could win, and was very shocked that he was the only one that had the right answer to the final round question.  The clue that is was a capital helped him figure out the answer.  Isaac’s next step is a state-wide competition.  His answers to the questionnaire have been sent in; winners will be notified in the spring.

 Kirsten Brock thought the competition was exciting and nerve racking.  She felt the questions were mind boggling, and that the championship round was scary.  8th grader Lauren Shield was nervous and felt the questions were really hard.  Josh Ming felt it was fun but challenging and liked the multiple choice questions best.  Jose Mercado, competing for the first time, felt it was complicated.  Jayde Reyes studied maps, used clues in the questions, or just knew the answers.  It sent shivers down Victoria Medina’s spine, while Rayanna Rodriguez used her common sense to decide on her answers.

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