SPPD: Armored Transport again donates vehicle for special crime-busting duty

September 15, 1999
Santa Paula Police Department
The Santa Paula Police Department has again received important outside support in their effort towards crime-busting with the donation of a armored van that will be utilized by a department special detail. According to SPPD Chief Bob Gonzales, the van will provide improved transportation of officers in “tactical situations” where the current armored vehicle may be too large or in use as an incident Mobile Command Post.Over the past few years, Armored Transport Inc. of Los Angeles, has donated two vehicles to the police department: the first was a 1985 Ford armored truck which was refurbished for use by the department High Risk Entry Team as a tactical weapon or use as a command post. The second vehicle Armored Transport donated, a 1989 GMC van, is currently in use by the Public Works Department as a custodial/maintenance vehicle.The newest addition to the SPPD fleet is a 1990 Ford, considerably smaller than the other armored truck, noted Chief Gonzales: “This will supplement the High Risk Entry Team by providing them with a vehicle that can get into tighter spots while providing them with armored protection. . .it could also easily be made into a rescue vehicle, in the event an officer,” or civilian was pinned down with high-powered rifle fire.The 1990 Ford van is in good shape mechanically and only requires minor repairs and upgrades.
A letter from Armored Transport Inc. notes that the vehicle has been donated for the “express purpose of law enforcement utilization. . .if, for any reason, this vehicle is declared unsuitable for its intended use or declared to be excess/surplus property by the department, it may be donated to another police agency designated by Armored Transport or your personnel for use in law enforcement, or the vehicle must be destroyed.”

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