Letters to Santa....North Pole Edition

December 23, 2005
Dear Santa, I love you. I would like a bike for Christmas I have been very good. LoveNathanDear St. NickI’ve bine good this year. How are you boing St. Nick. I’ve been geting an A in Math and Sacoil Sudys a B in Languge arts. St. Nick I would like a digitl camer to take beautiful pictures of my family. Thank you St. Nick.I love you.fromSamantha Vasquez 9Shcool OlivelandsDear Santa, Can I have a Gorilla hot wheel set and a fix wheel set. And a x doxfromJoshuaDear santa,I wish you would come and give us some.fromAmelia ZamoraDear Santa,I wish I get a game called DS and PS2 and a X box and Play Station 2.From JulianDear Santa I want a cat in the hat Book an ipod and reading flashcardsFrom Alixah camposDear Santa, I want for Chistmas a CD player and I want an ipod.From Natalia RetesDear Sant, I wish would you bring me a ipod. From sierra ScottDear Santa,I want a play station 2 and a ipod.From,Marissa ClarkDear Santa,I wish I have a barbie and Playstaton 2.Form JazzmeanDear Santa,I wa a soccer ball I want a bag of chocolate and a PlaY StationFrom Cristofher LoretoDear Santa, I wish I have a barbiefrum SabrinaDear Santa,I wish for a Play Stationn 2.FromArmandoDear Santa,I wish I had a remote cotrol car barbie.from Dayana LDear Santa,I want a psp with a game.It can with a game soccerCarlos NoeDear SantaI wish I got a Ploy Station.From Joe Matthew GomezDear Santa, I wish for a ps2 Xbox play station form BryceDear SantaI wish for a ipod.From. DestinyDear Santa,For Christmas I will like a Glass dolphin For my tia, a Joker Game for my Mom, a Xbox 3bo for my Dad, Skate boards for my cousins, a tent of Dora for my sisters, and a Gameboy SP for me.Andy Vasquez11 years oldBedellDear Santa Clause,I am Michael Vasquez and if I had been good this year I would like a Deck of Yugiho cards. If you don’t have enoght time I under stand.Well I will write to you next year.fromMichael VasquezDear Santa,I want a Paint ballgun & Be Be gun, and I hop evryone has a lot of toys. I also wish your North Pole is cold for the Bares and Snowmen.love,Austin Segoviaage 8Dear Santa,I want a horse for Christmas. Can you use your magic to make a horse wait for me? I also want a Ipod, Idog, Labtop, and anythink that has to do with a horselove,Brandie Segoviaage 8Dear Santa Claus,I want a Pile of Poké mon cards 100! I want a Sponge Bob game. I want a car. also a space unit.Thank you,Alfonso M. Soto5 yrs oldDear Santa Claus,I want the Bratz Rock Angels gameboy game and the That’s So Raven gameboy game and 100 Pokémon cards. The CD of Cierra. I also want a I pod if you can’t get a I pod that’s okay. I also want jewlery and makeup.Love,Rosie T Sotoage 7 years oldDear Santa, Please may I have a walk man, littest pet Shop, dollhouse, pajamas, t-shirt, pants, jumper, a toy car, a real hamster, picther of you, hermet crab, fish, rubber duck, 5 pack littest pet shop, quilt, gliter pens, snow globes, lava lamp, the big Pack of littest pet shop at kholes, here are some littest pet shop I want: playful puppies, cuoic cats, happy hamsters, loven playhouse, Sleepover one. Veggie tales movies and toys, Sleihg bell.Merry Christmas Santa.(p.s. I really would like you to write a list back to me.) thank youIsabel PayneDear Santa,please may I have my little pony, Strawberry short cake dolls, a baby with a crib & cloths, a doll with a horse that moves his feet. I know what elfs look like they have pointy ears, they have curly Shoes. thank you love,Amanda PayneDear Santa,I hope you know that I believe in you. Some people say they have seen you befor I hope I see you this year eneyway may I have a walkman for christismas. Last year you got me a motocycel this year I want one to but Last year you got me a 50 this year I want a 80 mabey a blue or red one, if you can’t get me ether one of thos just please get me a hiamsterI wanted to ask you if I have been a good girl this year. I hope I have been a good girl this year You don’t have to get me a lot this year because I’m going to have 3 christmases one at my Grandmas house one at my dads house and one at my mom’s. okay maby 4 christases and one at my Aaunts house. I’am going to have a grate christmas this year and a big one too!Love,Andrea P.P.S. the p. stands for payne My last name.Dear Santa, I want some gloves and I love Rudolf the red nose Reindeer and I like his red nose and I want to give your elve’s a present for evry Christmas because they are working very hard for evryone this year and I beleve in you and I believe in your rein deer’s and soon I want to meet you or maybe soon this year I will meet you and I have a ? for you have I been a good girl? I wish I can go to the North Pole soon because I want to see your elve’s and I want to play in the snow with your elve’s and your elve’s are cute and I would like to help them some day and your elves are good makers for evryone this year and I wish I had a Santa and rein deer play set oh and Heres my Phone number ******* and Heres my adderess 338.From Kamile Payne to SantaDear Santa,I am Nicholas and Have Been pretty good I want Billy and mandy and Road Rage Spiderman three and killr returnes. And the Skulgame one motor scotor an to give me any other toys.Dear Santa,How are you? I hope you are doing fine. Did you get a good rest? This year for Christmas I would like a computer, a Cabbage Patch Kids Mini Pop Stars Cb player, American idol CDG Karaoke, a nintendo D.S, a real baby dog, two games that you think I would like for my game boy, a t.v for my room, some thing that you can put on the wall and put the t.v on it, a doll head, that you can put mackup on it, a game cube and three games for it, a clock for my room, vido Now, a move of Raven’s house Party and Chicken little, a cheerleader Challange dance mat and shoes. If you can not buy me all that, It is ok because I asked for a lot. I will leave you cookies and milk I will also leave your reindeers carrots and waterP.S Please bring my baby brother a nice surprise.Love,Vanessa AranaDear Santa,How are you doing? I am doing fine. This year I been behaveing most of the time. For Christmas I want a Batman belt, a leapfrog computer, and a Batman car, and a Thomas the Train. I will leave you milk and cookies. I will also leave your reindeers Trail Mix.Love,Max AranaDear Santa,Thank you for the preasents you sent us last year. This year my Sistir would like a computer, LaLa pocets, and barbes. My brother would like toy cars, trucks, and a choo choo train. I would like La La pocets, barbes, and to ceape one of Chapitas puppys. My mom would like make up, parefyooh, and her own job. My dad would like his cars fix, a job, and to be helthy. My tio would like more suplise for his work. My ony would like to come down her for christmas a car, a place close to over her, and a sell phone. My Nana would like to get well, get a new car, and slipers. is you can get em.thank you!SabrinaDear Santa,It’s me again. Now its just my families pets for my boy cat Treasure he wants choow toys, a little ball that makes nose, and some trits. My cat Sophie wants Treasure out of the way, but don’t take his away, and she wants trits, and some stuff to play with. If you can get that stuff. And my bird will like a new cage, toys, more munches.thank you, but if you can’t get that stuff it is ok.Dear Santa,Hi! I have been a good girl to my teacher, mom, and family. Christmas is my favorite holiday of the year. What I want for Christmas is Cds, games for my PS two, a baby set, a backetball court, Christmas cds, and some of games.I love Christmas because you don’t know what you are going to get. This year I only get one present from my mom and dad but the rest are going to be furniture because we just moved in a new house thats why. So my is happy because she only has to wrap my present, my sister’s present and my brother’s present. Santa I always wanted a bell from your slay. Good bye Santa. How do you get all around the world in one night?Love,Marissa RamosDear Santa,My favorite holiday is Christmas. I love presents. My brother and sisters like to open presents, too. I would like the DVD of Elf, some clothes, and a Barbie guitar with a microphone.I am thinking what to give you.Sincerely,Josefina Reyes CruzDear Santa,I have been waiting for Christmas!I have been good all year so I do not get coal. This is my Christmas list for you. This is what I want, an Ipod nano, and an fire fly, and also a guinea pig.Sincerely,Ruben R FrutosDear Santa Clause,I have been a good boy lately. What I want the most for Christmas is a PSP just like my cousin Johnnys when ever I go to his house we could race each other on a racing game.Sincerely,Daniel GarciaDear Santa Paula Times I have been very good a home. I want Need for speed most wanted Jakx combat racking a big foot rage monster truck and the DVD named corvettes. I want Mid night club four Dob Edition and also flat out. I want a psp or a xbox 360 and I want mario Party 7.Sincerely,Dien GarciaDear Santa Clause,I want a puppy. I want a Video Now and a Chat Now. I deserve them because I’ve been good. That’s all I want for Christmas. Will you get it for me? Pretty, pretty please?Your friend,Shayla Monae GarciaDear Santa,I have been looking forward to getting lots of presents this Christmas. I have been good to my teacher and helpfull to my parents. just don’t bring me that many presents because my birthday is the twellth ok.What I’m looking forward to getting for Christmas is a Build-a-bear. a stuffed animal bear, and a pack of Chirstmas books. One more thing you can stop at my house and there will be two cookies and a glass of milk since you have a busy jod to do.Sincerely,Alyssa GutierrezDear Santa Clause,I love Christmas! I have been a good girl this year. I hope you bring me my presents.What I want for Christmas is some warm clothes and a Cooking Playset. I really wish you a Happy Christmas too.Sincerely,Denise HernandezDear Santa,Please can I have some presnt’s. Have I been doing good? Christmas is so so fun. Santa I wish I got to see you. I love you santa. If you can give me some present’s I would like a Game Cube and some games.I would like to spend time with my family.Santa, if you can make that wish for me please.SANTA YOU ARE MY BEST FRIEND!Sincerely,Malique JamesDear Santa,Hi? How are you? You are the best man ever in the North Pole. I am being good so you could get me a dirt bike and Xbox 360I am writing to you because you’re nice my favorite holiday of the year is Christmas because Santa Clauce comes here and gives everyone presents I hope you’ll come here to Santa Paula.SincerelyLuis Macias
Dear Santa Clause,This Christmas I am hoping for a Cabbage Patch Kid. I think I deserve a Cabbage Patch because I got all 4’s on my report card.Sincerely,Sierra MaciasDear St. Nickolas,I’ve been very good I promise. I have been doing all I’m supposed to. I’m doing my chores. please we’ve got stuff ready for Christmas and you. Thank you. This is my list of things I want. I want a bike Game boy, and Santa gloves, Santa bennie and a Santa sweater. Ho Ho HoMerry Christmas.Sincerely,Alicia MagdalenoDear Santa,Santa, I have been good this year. I want five things. First I would like Joy for everyone. I wuld like an X-box 360, the Simpsins hit and Run. Next, I want midnight Clud Dubedition 4, and shave friends.Your friend,CodyDear Santa,I am trying hard in school but it is hard. What I want for Christmas is a toy dog and a toy cat too and a box of Yu-Gi-Oh cards. One more thing I want the game mario for my Gameboy.Sincerely,Miguel NunezDear Santa,I am looking forward to Chrismas this year I’m going to try to put a snack out for you. I have been doing good in class. I want two things. I want a King Kong game and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire game. I deserve it because I’m doing good at home and in class.Sincerly,AlexDear Santa,Hi! This is me Kylie. How are ya? I deserve an Ipod, bike, and a new backpack. I might leave cookies or cupcakes and milk for you. Santa, I saw you at the Mall last week. How long are you going to be at the Mall? Oh I forgot to tell you that on my bike I’d like the colors to be purple and pink.Sincerely,KylieDear Santa,I have been good at home and in school. I have been turning in my homework. I am also wanting to have a good Christmas.For Christmas I want a huge teddy beaer and a Billabong jacket. On Christmas Eve I am going to leave cookies and milk on the sofa for you. Have a jolly Christmas.Sincerely,Jordyn WhittakerDear Santa,This is what I want Christmas. I want a xBox 360. The game need for Speed Night racing. And a new CD player I will try to behave at School and for my mom Santa.Sincerely,IsaacDear Santa Claus,I am writing on behalf of our Preschool Classroom. The following children have been “Extra Good” in Teacher Alma’s Classroom, at the City of Santa Paula Community Center. The children have been learning a lot, finishing their homework packet each week. Santa Claus, I couldn’t of asked for a better group of children! So eager to learn. What a great gift anyone could receive from a child, than the gift of learning. I am so proud of my kids, please Santa Claus bring my children the following wish of a special toy. Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to all.Sincerely,Teacher Alma LinoSanta Paula Community CenterAntonino Fiorentino: Remote Control CarKayla Friend: HorseKjanna Castaneda: Pink Power RangerJonathan Claudio: Power Ranger Bike that ShootsConsuelo Bautista: Baby Doll that CriesFaith Covarrubias: Make UpGabriela Zamora: Dora ToyBrandee Diaz: Play KitchenFernando Ramirez: Video GameLeann Garcia: Baby DollBreanna Cervantez: Baby DollGiselle Delgado: Baby DollDear Santa,Can please please please get my big sister Morgan an ipod for Christmas. And I would really like a new bike. My brother Grayson really wants a truck. I hope you have a good, very merry Christmas.From,Kenleigh and Grayson LawrenceDear Santa Claus,How are you? I am fine. Are you and your wife fine.I have 12 people to get gifts for. I like your elves.I would like heelies and I want a new skateboard. And I want roller skates and a small Barbie Car.Rachel VasquezBedell School3rd gradeRoom #16Dear Santa Claus,How are you?I am fine.My name is Angel and I am 7 years old. And I have been good this year.I would like Heelies and my dog, “Wilson” back. And I hope he will be good.And I want a guinea pig. And I want it to snow here in Santa Paula.Thank you.And have a nice Christmas.XXX))) hug’s and kissesAngel Rose VasquezBedell School 1st gradeDear Santa,I would like a fire truck for Christmas. I also really like Thomas the Train. I have tried to be a good boy this year but that has been really hard to do. I love you Santa!From,Connor TushlaDear Santa,I would like Shadow the Hedgehog and Sea World video games for my Game Cube. I also would really like a Sonic bundle pack with two games in it. I will have cookies and milk waiting for you. Oh, I have been a good boy this year.From,Matthew TushlaDear Santa Claus,It was good to see you tonite at school, how are you doing? hope you are ok.Thank you for my toys last year, this year I have been pretty good.This year, may I have a small piano, Hulk cartoon, a Christmas snow globe, Spiderman sandels, I would like new boxers like dads, Batman shoes, and some teeth for my sister Hannah!Love JustinMerry Christmas.Dear Santa,My name is Jared and I am 5 years old. For Christmas I would like a race car that goes really fast without a remote control.Thank you, Santa.Love, JaredDear Santa,My name is Ryan and I am 2 years old. My big brother Jared says he thinks I want a baby flashlight. See, I don’t talk yet but my brother tries to interpret what I do say for me. Thank you Santa.Love RyanDear Santa,My name is Ryleigh Mae and this is my first Christmas because I am only 9 months old. I would like some warm pajamas and toys I can push that will help me learn to walk. My mom bought me a very pretty Christmas dress and I will be coming to see you at the Mall for pictures. See you then. Thank you Santa.Love RyleighDear Santa Claus,I would like a magnet Barbie with clothes like the one I saw at the bookstore. I would also like more things for my play kitchen.Please don’t be too cold because where you live is called the North Pole.Say “hi” to Rudolph for me. I watch “Rudolph the Red nose Reindeer” every year.Thank you Santa for the Pixel Chix.Love,Vanessa Nicole Lunaage 4Dear Santa,This year I am more excited about Christmas, since I am a little older than I was last year. If you ask me if I’ve been good this year, I don’t know. You will have to ask my Grandma. For X-mas this year I would like a lot of toys that make noises. “Don’t tell my Grandpa I said that.”Love Ivan R. J. Petris2 years oldThank-you SantaDear Santa,My name is Arturo Sanchez and I am 4 years old and I have been a very good boy this year. Can you please bring me transformer cybertron, Spiderman toys and dinosaurs. And I’m writing for my brother Robert Sanchez because he is only 2 years old. Please bring him Elmo and Blue Clues toys.P.S. We will leave you milk and cookies under the tree. Merry Christmas!!!Dear SantaMy name is Jailina Reyes. I am 3 1/2 years old. I would like some finger nail paint. Please get my little sister Kailee a itsy bitsy spider toy for her car seat. Also, please bring a birthday cake for Baby Jesus. I will be a good girl the rest of the year.I love you and miss you Santa.Jailina ReyesDear Santa,This is my first Christmas. Sorry for crying when we took pictures the other day. I really don’t know you. My brothers say your pretty cool. I really like your raindeers. See you Santa.LoveRose Segovia10 monthsDear Santa,How have you been doing this year? I’ve been a good boy. I would like you to bring me some video games, some movies like Polar Express or Madagascar. A motorcycle. Some clothes. The toys I would like is some action figures and dinosaurs. I hope you and the raindeers have a safe travel during Christmas.Love,Alex Segovia2 years oldDear Santa,Hi Santa. I am sure you know I’ve been good this year. At school we’ve been talking about the meaning of Christmas. I was even in a school play. I played a sheppard. How is Mrs. Clause? I can’t wait to show you the crafts I made of you. What I really want is a puppy or motorcyckle. Well Santa have a safe trip.Love,Angel Segovia4 years oldDear SantaFor Christmas I would like to have a toy motorcycle a medium truck high and low bounce, Mario superstar for game cube, a basketball, toy skate board that has a button to ride by itself a control that is yellow and fits in the game cube hole, a toy spy gear that has Lazer beans and four sleeping gases, a toy robot that hits people really sofe, a toy bionicle, and a real toy medal that has game, a toy alien a toy sword, a toy arow that is fake, a spong bob, new slippers that have bunnies on them, a watch, a big toy bike, a sail boat. Thank you Santa and if you can not bring all these presents that is ok.SincerelyMathew VillanuevaDear SantaFor Christmas I would like Raven House party, Shaow the hedghog, the Garfield chea pet, a neo pet, electronic gautar, a barbie head that you can decorate, a spy gear that traps people when they touch it, could you bring the spray that shows the lazer beans, choclate foutain, the fox game for game cube, bratz, baby doll, a little oval that can turn into a animal when you put it in hot water, mario and Lugie, a jingle bell rock Santa, a sponge bob rip my pants, a watch a barbie one, a cotton candy machine, new shoes, book, and smore factory, green and double size it, a real phone that you can play games on. And if you can not get everything that is fine.Thank you SantaSincerelyJessica VillanuevaDear Santa,Hi my name is Dante Mata-Burney and I am 2 years old. I have tried to be a good boy for my mommy. What I would like for Christmas is B.C. Builders, Spiderman toys, blue light saber, shoes & clothes. Can you please bring my brother Keshaun, games for his PS II and his gameboy. Also please bring my sister Clarissa the pink & white Jordan shoes. Please don’t forget to bring my cousins some presents; they tried to be good also. Thank you SantaMerry ChristmasDante Mata-BurneyDear Santa,Hi my name is Keshaun Mata and I am 6 years old. I have been a good boy most of the time. What I would like for Christmas is the Chat Now phone, green light saber, the Narnia Movie, shoes, games for my PS II, and CDs. Santa, I am leaving you some cookies and milk next to my fireplace. Oh yeah can you bring my sister Clarissa a cell phone and my little brother Dante some toys. Thank you & Merry ChristmasKeshaun MataDear SantaMy name is Desirée. For Christmas I would like a skateboard, skateshoes, paint set, and for my dog Spooky he would like a new doghouse. Merry Christmas Santa.Desirée EstradaDear Santa Clause,My name is Destinée Estrada. I am 5 yrs old. For Christmas I would like a computer, new books to read, Dora’s Talking Playhouse. For my little sister Mariléen she would like a Spongebob guitar, and a Mickey Mouse toy.We Love youDestinée & MariléenP.S. Hope you like the milk & cookiesDear Santa,I want Ballerina Barbie and I love Dora the Explorer.Love,Sadie Rico2 yrs. old

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