Jock Hamilton memorialized with Paul Harris Fellowship

January 24, 2003
Santa Paula News
By Peggy Kelly Santa Paula TimesJock Hamilton, an entrepreneur and leader in the chemical industry who passed away late last year, was honored with the prestigious Paul Harris Fellowship award for his devotion to and on behalf of the Santa Paula Rotary Club and the community at large.Hamilton’s widow, Jacqueline, and their son, Scott, sponsored and accepted the prestigious Rotary International award in Jock’s memory at a recent Rotary Club meeting.“When I first met Jock, it took me only about four or five minutes to realize he had real quality,” said Rotarian Scott Dunbar, who presented the Paul Harris Fellowship Award to the Hamilton family. “Jock was brilliant, wise and humble in spite of all his success. And I found he was prepared to do wonderful things for the club and the community,” including strong support for Rotary programs, together with Polio Plus, which Hamilton advocated as well as generously supported financially. His family has continued to support Polio Plus in Jock’s memory.Dunbar noted that such support didn’t stop with Rotary but included the Santa Paula community at large: the Hamilton family has opened up their hilltop home, formerly known as the Teague Mansion, for fundraising efforts and offered generous financial support to numerous organizations and programs.
Dunbar said Hamilton was such a booster of Rotary that “even when we’d play golf Jock would have his Rotary pin on!” and that Jock was always at the ready to lend his support and efforts to Rotary programs. “He was a great friend and a great Rotarian. . .”“Jock really, really loved Rotary and I can see why,” said Jacqueline Hamilton. “And we will continue to support Rotary any way we can.”The Paul Harris Fellowship Award is named for the founder of Rotary, who started the now-international service club in his hometown of Chicago in 1905.

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