The Murmaids

Go back to the sixties see the Murmaids Saturday

April 17, 2002
Santa Paula News
Go back to the sixties and enjoy a bit of retro entertainment this Centennial weekend and come listen to the Murmaids at 1 p.m. this Saturday on the entertainment stage in front of the Clocktower. The Murmaids with a “U”? “It was just a typo.” That’s what the younger of the two Fischer sisters always thought - and she may have been right. Over 30 years later, it is still a mystery. Likewise, until now, it has been a mystery where The Murmaids disappeared to after their first single “Popsicles and Icicles” climbed to #3 nationally in November of 1963.In truth, they never really disappeared from the music business at all - only from The Murmaids. The two Fischer sisters are third generation musicians. Their father, the late Carl Fischer, was composer of such standards as “You’ve Changed” and “We’ll Be Together Again,” as well as musical director for Frankie Laine for over a decade. Terry Fischer Sr., their mother, was a big band singer (first girl singer with the Stan Kenton Orchestra) and their grandmother and great aunts were members of long time hit vaudeville act “The Locus Sisters.”Younger sister Carol has been busy over the years producing the next generation of musicians. She married well-known jazz musician John Morell, who is a third generation guitarist. He and his father both enjoyed over 25 years each as first call guitarists on records, films and television. In the meantime, Carol and John produced two extremely talented musicians of their own - Justin (guitarist, drummer and composer), who just finished recording his fourth CD for Sonic Frenzy Records, and youngest son Christopher, the first bass player of the family.After The Murmaids, lead singer Terry Fischer went on to have a 20-year career in the music business. Her career took her all over the country performing in the nightclubs and concert halls, recording albums, and appearing on numerous television shows. Kraft Music Hall, The Jerry Lewis Telethon, The Merv Griffin Show and The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson are among her television credits. Personal appearances with Fabian, Tina Turner, Sonny and Cher, Steve Lawrence and Edie Gorme, and Don Rickles are among her favorites; however, her most memorable is as opening act featured singer with Frank Sinatra in his 1977 “Ole Blue Eyes is Back” tour.After a ‘hiatus’ of over three decades, the Fischer sisters thought it might be fun to put The Murmaids back together and join the nostalgia craze. They added Cynthia Perry, who joined the group as the third Murmaid and, says Terry, “has added not only the perfect blend to the group, but an incredible amount of musicality,” having stopped just short of her master’s degree in music.
“We thought we’d begin by contacting disc jockey Brian Beirne (Mr. Rock ‘N’ Roll) of Los Angeles’ ‘oldies’ radio station K-Earth 101,” says Terry. “He told us he’d been looking for us for eight years! He made special arrangements to include us on the Annual Legends of Rock ‘N’ Roll show at the Greek Theatre in Hollywood, which at that time was one week away.” The Murmaids made their comeback appearance to a warm welcome, which included a standing ovation. Hopefully the first of many.Yes, The Murmaids are back, and you can catch them this weekend in downtown Santa Paula!

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