May 30, 2014
Santa Paula News

Official statement from the Santa Paula Unified School District about the disturbance at Santa Paula High School today

After being alerted to a potential serious disruption of a scheduled [STUDENT RALLY] that was to occur in the late morning, Santa Paula High School administrators announced to students this morning that the rally would be cancelled. Following the announcement, a group of students incited a disruption of the passing period and also of the lunch period.

Site administrators and campus security responded immediately. Santa Paula police also assisted in quelling the disturbance. Many students disregarded directives to return to class and instead left the campus. To prevent further disruptions, the school modified its bell schedule to shorten lunch and secure students and staff in class for the remainder of the day. Additionally, the Luau dance scheduled for this evening, Friday, May 30 has been cancelled.

The school and District administrators will be reviewing the specific conduct of students to determine whether any will be subject to disciplinary action as may be deemed necessary and appropriate. Parents have been informed to speak with their children about the incident and to contact the school site if they have any concerns.

Students are expected to return back to school on Monday, June 2, 2014. We look forward to resume normal educational activities on Monday.

For further information contact: Robin Freeman, Assistant Superintendent Educational Services, (805) 933-8802

Santa Paula Police Officers gather near the Main Gate at Santa Paula High School

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