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November 10, 2000
Successful haunting... To the Editor:The final totals for the Santa Paula Theater Centerís Ghost Walk 2000ģ have been tabulated and the seventh year of this annual happening broke all records. A whopping 1,800 ghost-seekers toured the ghostoric Oaks neighborhood and spent nearly $12,000 just for the sheer fright of it. Our ghoul goal was to net $10,000 and so we did, and then ďsumĒ! Even though the audiences came from all over Southern California, it was the overwhelming crowds of local patrons who carried us over the top. For the first time, we had nights completely sold out with advance reservations!As in the past, for this event to materialize takes a horde of vivacious volunteers and a host of spirited supporters. This year was no exception. In addition to the 50 real, or surreal, individuals who committed their time, creativity, writing, acting, or guiding skills, there were the courteous reservation-takers, diligent box-officers, and the stretched-to-the-limit street managers. Then there was a cadre of citizens patrol who kept the route safe, the property owners who lent their porches, driveways and electricity to spotlight our ghosts, and all of the tolerant residents who, for three weekends, endured the barricaded streets and crowds tramping through their neighborhood. That the ghost walk consistently engenders such enthusiastic endorsement is a credit to our community and its citizenry.So, as we say every year: thank you one and all. To the masses that came to venture down the ever-so-dark and spooky streets we say: delighted you came. And to those unfortunate procrastinators who became clamorous mobs when turned away because all performances were sold out, we again admonish: next year MAKE RESERVATIONS! But if you thought the ghost walk was good street drama, you really ought to go see what they do on the stage inside the Santa Paula Theater Center. A new season is opening so call for information, 525-4645.The Ghoulish Ghost Walk Gang of Ghastly Groupies is already laying the groundwork for the ghosts to walk in 2001. Watch for updates on our weird web site at ighostwalk.com.Mary Alice HendersonEvent ChairSanta PaulaCommendationTo the Editor:I would like to thank and commend the Santa Paula Youth Football Organization and the Santa Paula Union High School District for their recent efforts. Last week, on Friday, October 27th, our football teams, the Ojai Eagles, were informed that we could not use the Nordhoff High School facilities for the kidsí Saturday games. The cancellation was due to the rain that had fallen earlier that week on Thursday. Two out of three of our games were scheduled with Santa Paula. We had no fields available in Ojai, and canceling would have caused significant difficulties due to play-off seedings and other issues.Fortunately and thanks to the efforts of Paul Tubbs and Billy Reed of the Santa Paula Youth Football Organization, we were able to move all three of our games to Santa Paula. This was done on extremely short notice and as a result of their efforts, Saturday turned out to be a wonderful experience for the kids. During the day Art Rabago, field safety representative, did a great job overseeing the fieldís activities. Finally, thank you to the Santa Paula Union High School District for allowing us to use their facilities, when our own school district was unable to accommodate us. All of us at the Ojai Eagles Youth Football Organization truly appreciated their efforts.Brent A. JonesPresidentOjai Eagles Youth FootballA view from aboveTo the Editor:
A funny thing happened on the way to Election Day 2000. Out of all the really interesting letters that fattened our local newspaper, someone actually read mine. Then for unspecified reasons, I was labeled an elitist. Perhaps it was because I contend that the general electorate does not use a great deal of brainpower when making voting decisions or maybe it was my reference to Santa Paulaís need for more affordable people. Whatever. I was pleased my efforts had not been wasted. Besides, name-calling and labeling are simply the last bastions of those bereft of cogent argument.For anyone to consider me, of all people, to have a status in our community sufficient to be elitist shows just how far down the social scale Santa Paula has slipped. It helps confirm my worst fears. Itís a clear indication that an infusion of affordable people is urgently needed to reverse this dismal trend!As for my unflattering assessment of the voting public, itís hardly an isolated opinion. Every candidate and activist group concerned with elections, regardless of party or pet obsession, certainly acknowledges the abundance of voters unwilling or unable to think beyond popularity or personal interests. Just look at the campaign junk left in the wake of any election. To what mental level were the pitches aimed? The political hucksters know from long experience that the masses want quick and easy reasons for their decisions. Thatís why forums and debates only appeal to the bulk of voters when the risk of thoughtful discussion is averted by the prospect of verbal fireworks or fisticuffs.We the people want entertainment. We defer to others to bone up on the bothersome details of issues. I continue to maintain that politicians and special interest groups rely on our inertia. If that makes me an elitist, Iíll just enjoy this vantage point while it lasts.Bill GlennSanta PaulaToland excellenceTo the Editor:To all Toland staff:Congratulations - Toland Road Landfill wins 2000 Swana Landfill Excellence Bronze Award. Keep up the good work.Ventura County residents - we have one of the most outstanding solid waste management facilities in North America - in the United States and Canada - serving their needs.What did Simi Valley Landfill and Chiquita Landfill get?? Big Zero.Toland Landfill keep doing excellent work.Love ya,Lynda LloydSanta Paula

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