Photo by Brian D. Wilson

GATE Mind Olympics 2007

June 01, 2007
Santa Paula News
All 3rd – 6thth GATE and honors students in the Santa Paula Elementary School District competed in the twelfth annual GATE Mind Olympics at the Santa Paula Community Center on Thursday and Friday, May 17 and 18, 2007. “It was an exciting and challenging two days! The students used their brain power to figure out challenges throughout the event! I was so proud of their accomplishments.” Leslie Borchard, GATE Facilitator. The agenda for the day was packed full of exciting activities and Brain Bogglers (puzzles). The students started the day trying to figure out how to build the strongest structure out of straws, straight pins and a lump of clay. They moved on to a challenge where they made bananamobiles to race in the “Indybanaolis 500.” The next challenge had the students become engineers to create a cantilever bridge out of spaghetti. In the last challenge, “All Cooped Up,” the students designed and created landing pads for eggs using limited supplies. The winning landing pad made by real “egg-sperts” protected an egg from cracking at a height of six feet. The students were served Jello brains after lunch. The day ended with an award ceremony where all participants received certificates and ribbons.

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