Renaissance Graduate Jesse Reeves

June 16, 2000
Santa Paula News
Jesse Reeves, the son of Sammy and Diane Reeves, plans to follow Renaissance High School graduation with four years in the U.S. Marine Corps. “Not only will it hugely contribute to me becoming a better person,” says Jesse, “it will also help me financially.” Following the Marines he plans to get his Master’s degree... “I don’t know what I will major in, but I’m sure during my time in the Marines and in college I will be inspired by something. I plan on being rich.”Jesse was most influenced and inspired during his high school years by his brother, Duane, who he described as “the most beautiful person I’ve ever met. He has an answer for every problem. Whenever I needed someone to talk with, and help me make sense of this insane world, he was always there. I respect him more than anybody.”One of the finest experiences Jesse had with the Renaissance program was going on a field trip to USC. “We took a long tour of the college, talked with a few students there, and basically got a good feel of what life at a major university would be like. I really enjoyed the field trip, and would like to know more about USC.”Jesse considers the leadership class at Renaissance one of the best programs at the school, comparing it to ASB at SPHS. However, he had little time for involvement in school programs. “Besides doing a ton of work so that I could get all my credits, I work full time at Round Table Pizza. It is the best job. It also has the best food. I am learning a lot of great values at Round Table, like courtesy, commitment, and how to make good Big Vinnie. Generations to come will assume that there was always big pepperoni on pizza.”
When not working, Jesse enjoys listening to his two favorite bands, Pantera and Soilent Green. “They’re such skilled musicians, it’s just unbelievable. Their music is very intense, just like life.”When asked to advise incoming freshmen, Jesse was direct and to the point: “Don’t do drugs! Don’t worry about what anybody thinks about you! Go to school and do all your work! Set goals and conquer them!”

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