Pictured from left to right are Trustees Maureen Coughlin, Nancy Nasalroad, Tim Hicks, Linda Spink, Endowment Treasurer Carol McMullen, Board of Trustees President Laura Phillips, Endowment Directors Craig Held, Allen Atmore, Endowment President Ed Arguelles, Endowment Secretary Judy Triem, Library Director Ned Branch, and Endowment Vice-President Maria Bombara.

Blanchard Community Library receives $20,000 gift

March 10, 2017
Santa Paula News

Board of Trustees of the Blanchard Community Library and Directors of the BCL Endowment share smiles as Laura Phillips and Ed Arguelles display a $20,000 check facsimile made to the community library for the 2017 operating year.

Library Director, Ned Branch commented “Through the years, the donations from the Endowment Fund have allowed the library to provide more and better service to Santa Paula, such as new computers for the public, improved Internet access, and the purchase of new books. Further, without their ongoing support, the library would have to reduce its hours of service by the equivalent of almost three weeks per year. The foresight of the Endowment Fund founders has provided invaluable support.”

Tax deductible donations of any size are most welcome (and needed) and can be made at any time to the non-profit “Blanchard Endowment Fund,” a 501(c) 3 organization, and sent to the Blanchard Community Library Endowment Fund, located at 119 N. 8th Street, Santa Paula, CA 93060.  Additional information regarding the BCL Endowment Fund can be secured by visiting the Blanchard Community Library’s website http://blanchardlibrary.org/ and clicking on the “About Us” button.


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