10 truths about traffic

June 17, 2005
By Rick Bianchi, Centex Homes/Fagan Canyon Everyone has an opinion about traffic in Santa Paula. Some people think traffic is only bad at key intersections during commute times. Others worry more about the state of Santa Paula roads and the need for pothole repair and street paving. And still some people believe that traffic is destined to get worse over time – with or without new development. Well, here is the truth about traffic in Santa Paula:1. According to a traffic analysis conducted about a year ago by a professional traffic engineering firm, Santa Paula does indeed have traffic congestion at key intersections during peak commute times.2. Using the state standard measures of intersection delays or Levels of Service (LOS), the following intersections currently receive failing grades of D-F: Ojai Rd. and Orchard Rd. – Efl Ojai Rd. and Virginia Terrace – Ffl 10th Street and Ventura Street – Efl 10th Street and the 126 eastbound ramp – Ffl Palm Ave. and the 126 eastbound ramp – F3. In addition, numerous roads are in critical need of repair and resurfacing, especially the potholes and ruts created from the recent winter/spring rain storms.4. There are even some roads in Santa Paula that still need to be paved and lined with sidewalks and street lights.
5. Santa Paula’s population is growing --- and it will continue to grow over the next 10 to 20 years --- placing a heavier burden on roads that need to be repaired, and failing intersections.6. Without a funding source to pay for the roadway and traffic problems of today as well as accommodate the needs of tomorrow, traffic flows and roadway conditions in Santa Paula will just get worse, especially as the population increases.7. Without a new funding source to pay for these improvements, existing residents will be forced to pick-up the tab through fees, taxes or other methods, or live with bad roads and increasing congestion as Santa Paula’s population continues to grow.8. HOWEVER, instead of raising taxes to pay for citywide road improvements needed today AND tomorrow, there is a source of funding that will NOT cost existing residents a dime!9. New, comprehensive master-planned development should pay for its impacts – and more. Small, piece-meal development will never be able to afford the costs to solve its impacts, much less contribute extra for the City.10. That’s why Centex Homes will pay for the $3 million in road improvements needed to accommodate the increase in drivers from the comprehensively planned neighborhoods of Fagan Canyon AS WELL AS fund the additional millions in improvements needed today AND advance the funds to pay for improvements needed over the next 15 years --- improvements that would be required even if Fagan Canyon neighborhoods were not developed.Check it all out --- conduct the research and get the facts. First, visit the Fagan Canyon website at www.FaganCanyon.com, click on the red box titled "Check here for Fagan Canyon News & New Information." Then, scroll down to item #4 – The Roads Report Card. Finally, the City’s independent analysis (Traffic Impact Analysis or TIA) of Santa Paula’s roads and traffic conditions with and without Fagan Canyon is expected to be released for public review soon. Research the details, get the facts, and understand the truth about traffic in Santa Paula.

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