Santa Paula Little League wraps up regular season

June 17, 2005
Little League Championship Final Standings
Majors 1st - Pirates (Travis Ag)2nd - Astros (P.O.A.)3rd - Brewers (Round Table Pizza)4th - Cardinals (Rotary)Minor A1st - Yankees (Santa Paula P.O.A.)2nd - Blue Jays (Funeraria del ángel Stetler Mortuary)3rd - Marlins (126 Ford)4th - Mariners (Centex Homes)Minor B1st - Dodgers (Glen City Real Estate)2nd - Tigers (VFW Post 2043)3rd - Orioles (Lions Club)4th - Diamondbacks (Allstate)MajorsJune 6, 2005Pirates 3, Astros 0Hitters: Pirates: Alex Rodriguez, double; Tony Penuelas, single; Gabriel Avila, single.Winning Pitcher: Tony PenuelasJune 7, 2005Pirates 8, Astros 4Hitters: Pirates: Alex Rodriguez, 3 singles; Jacob Bartle, HR, double; Christian Reyes, single; Tony Penuelas, 2 singles; Gabriel Avila, single; Danny Garcia, double. Astros: Alex Alamillo, 2 singles; Lalito Calderon, single; Justin Barron, single; Jason Frazier, double.Winning Pitcher: Christian ReyesMinor AJune 6, 2005Blue Jays 6, Marlins 5
Hitters: Blue Jays: Cody Acevedo, single; Phillip Arellano, double; Maiko Reyes, single, triple; Jordan Chavez, single. Marlins: John Shaneyfelt, 2 singles; Tim Garcia, single, triple.Winning Pitcher: Maiko ReyesJune 8, 2005Blue Jays 22, Yankees 15Hitters: Blue Jays: Cody Acevedo, triple, 2 singles; Jesse Obiols, 3 singles, double; Elijah Lee, single; Phillip Arellano, 2 singles; Joseph Sandoval, single. Yankees: Brian Hinojosa, single; Gabe Diaz, 2 singles, double; Ryan Montelongo, double; Kaylee Rodriguez, double, single; Nicholas Shoemate, triple; Carlos McGinity, single; Gus Castillo, single.Winning Pitcher: Phillip ArellanoJune 10, 2005Yankees 10, Blue Jays 0Hitters: Yankees: Brian Hinojosa, 2 singles; Gabriel Diaz, double, single; Danny Cortez, triple; Ryan Montelongo, 2 singles; Kaylee Rodriguez, single; Gus Castillo, single. Blue Jays: Elijah Lee, single; Phillip Arellano, 2 singles; Maiko Reyes, single.Winning Pitcher: Danny CortezMinor BJune 7, 2005Tigers 9, Orioles 8Hitters: Tigers: Malique James, single; Robert Leyvas, single; Daniel Alcala, single. Orioles: Justin Obiols, single, double.Winning Pitcher: Joseph GarciaJune 9, 2005Tigers 8, Dodgers 5Hitters: Tigers: Malique James, single, triple; Robert Leyva, 3 singles; Angel Childs, triple. Dodgers: Tony Contreras, double; Austin Aguilar, triple; Frank Coughlin, single.Winning Pitcher: Malique JamesJune 10, 2005Dodgers 17, Tigers 7Hitters: Dodgers: Tony Contreras, double, singles; A. J. Prado, triple, single; Kevin Castillo, 3 singles; Austin Aguilar, single; Francis Coughlin, single; Daniel Campos, 2 singles. Tigers: Malique James, double, 2 singles; Robert Leyvas, single; Angel Childs, double; Buddy Garcia, single; Daniel Alcala, single.Winning Pitcher: Tony Contreras. Save: A. J. Prado

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