Main Street to be even more pedaler-friendly with bicycle racks

March 11, 2005
Santa Paula News

Main Street will become friendlier for all pedalers after bicycle racks are installed at selected locations.

By Peggy KellySanta Paula TimesMain Street will become friendlier for all pedalers after bicycle racks are installed at selected locations. The City Council approved the idea at the February 22 meeting.Public Works Director/City Engineer Cliff Finley said that bicycle racks had been included in the Main Street Streetscape project as an option that was later deleted. “It is not known if the deletion was due to contract budgetary constraints or another reason,” noted Finley’s report. Although reconsidered in the early months of 2003, the cost – then about $125 per rack – was considered prohibitive and the idea was dropped.The bicycle racks selected as part of the downtown plan were a hitching post style consistent with the architecture of the area. Finley told the council that city street maintenance personnel could do the installation on 25 racks; the total cost would be about $5,000. The funding for the racks could be allocated from a federal grant.
City Manager Wally Bobkiewicz told the council that the racks fit into their vision plan.“They will cost about $200 a post by the time we get it where it needs to be,” said Finley. “We’ll put them where they make sense” for both bicyclists and business owners. The Santa Paula Downtown Merchants Association will also be consulted on the plan Finley added.Walkability has been an issue in the downtown and the same can be said for bicyclists that would also like to shop, said Councilman Ray Luna.The racks will be installed along Main Street at selected locations, based on the need and interest of the business owners, according to Finley’s report. The racks would be installed approximately two feet from the curb, in line with the other signs and light poles along Main Street. The hitching posts are 40 inches high, topped off with an aluminum fence cap, and have two rings for bicycle locking devices.

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