New Year, new century: SP millennium wedding features Hawaiian theme

January 07, 2000
Santa Paula News
They met when he sat in on the drums for her Hawaiian dance troupe at the Holiday Inn in Ventura, and eight years later the two Santa Paulans decided they wanted to do something extra special for their wedding: so how about exchanging wedding vows as the clock strikes midnight at the dawn of a new century? Couples all over the world including those in Ventura County made Jan. 1st, 2000 their wedding date, and Daphne Orpilla and Patrick Caraulia were among them.The couple exchanged their vows at the stroke of midnight at St. Paul's Episcopal Church with the Rev. William Baumgarten officiating.Throughout the world themed millennium weddings were a big hit, and Daphne, a Ventura College nursing student, and Patrick, a retired fireman now involved in youth sports, decided to stick with their roots; both are natives of Oahu so a Hawaiian wedding was the logical choice for their nuptials.Residents of Santa Paula since 1995, the couple had eight attendants.“I'll be wearing a holoku and all the women attendants will be dressed in kikepas in colors to represent the different islands,” said Daphne, who was fighting off a bad cold just days before the wedding.The male attendants will wear elaborate leis and sashes reflecting the colors of the islands.
The couple started planning the wedding, “less than a month ago,” Daphne added. “It was spur of the moment. . .we talked about it over Thanksgiving dinner and decided since everyone would be at church already New Year's Eve, that's when we'd marry.”About 100 people have been invited via “word of mouth. . .it was cost effective,” and the reception will be held prior to the ceremony in the church hall. “After the wedding we'll do the toasts including to the New Year and new century,” said Daphne. “We don't want to over-saddle the Millennium Vigil,” at the church, she added.Although recovering from a cold and taking care of the last minute needs for the ceremony, “it's working out really well. . .I'm really concentrating on the wedding but each day that goes by I'm getting a little more nervous,” confessed Daphne with a laugh.

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