Firefighters check on the accident victims following a collison with a big rig last Wednesday at the corner of Harvard and 10th StreetsPhoto by Don Johnson

Big-rig versus van: Right turn accident turns out all right

June 23, 2004
Santa Paula News
By Peggy Kelly Santa Paula TimesIt’s not often that you hear that no one was injured in an accident involving a big-rig, but a tractor-trailer versus van right turn accident turned out all right on Wednesday.The accident occurred when a small van got in the way of a large tractor-trailer at the corner of 10th Street and Harvard Boulevard.According to SPPD Senior Officer Henry Aguliar, the accident occurred at about 2:53 p.m. on June 16.“A witness stated that the large truck had his blinker on for the right turn and the small van pinched between the trailer and the curb,” Sr. Officer Aguilar noted.The driver of the small van, Hermik Bedrossian, had two teenagers and one small child in the vehicle when she attempted to make “an unsafe passing,” a right turn from southbound 10th Street onto westbound Harvard Boulevard.
“The party driving the big-rig with a double trailer was not at fault; he was making a right turn when the van tried to squeeze by him on the right hand side. . .that didn’t work,” noted Sr. Officer Aguilar.The driver of the truck, Nectali Barajas, “was going at such a slow speed” that it prevented the accident from causing major injury.“. . .which was lucky. It could have been crushing injury but probably once the truck driver felt the pressure,” of the van he stopped his vehicle, Sr. Officer Aguilar said.Bedrossian’s van received minor damage in the collision and the tractor-trailer received “little damage to none at all. . .”

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