Eaton traveling to Turkish village on Presbyterian Church mission

June 02, 2004
Santa Paula News

A Santa Paulan is raising funds for a missionary trip to a poverty-stricken village in Turkey in spite of her own health problems.

By Peggy KellySanta Paula TimesA Santa Paulan is raising funds for a missionary trip to a poverty-stricken village in Turkey in spite of her own health problems.Becky Eaton, a Registered Nurse recently lauded as a Santa Paula Woman of History, is headed for Antyalla, Turkey in early July, a trip that will take 25 hours and a lot of living adjustments for the two weeks Eaton will stay in the village.The First Presbyterian Church, through Impact and the Santa Barbara Presbytery, is arranging the visit, which will also send teams to Honduras, Uganda and Romania.“I actually requested Uganda but since I’ve been on chemotherapy,” Eaton was unable to go through the rigorous inoculation requirements.Eaton has been battling a brain tumor but it hasn’t dimmed her determination to make a difference or her enthusiasm for helping others.“The neatest part of this is that most of the kids that go are between 16 and 18 years old, and for many of them it’s not their first trip. In our group there will be three teens and four adults,” who will conduct a form of daycare for about 150 Turkish children.
“They’re very poor and we’ll have about four hours a day,” to spend with the children.Since Turkey is not a “Christian country, we won’t be able to share our beliefs, but we’ll try to show them our positive feelings and hope they ask why. Because they don’t understand English we can sing hymns,” accompanied by American teens who are bringing guitars to teach the Turkish children how to play.Eaton said the trip is a “fundraiser for Paul’s Place” in the village, and mission participants are being asked to donate 10 percent of their trip cost to the facility, which among other activities offers religious services in Turkish and German.The average family income in Antyalla is $2,500, said Eaton.“They told us to bring or own toilet paper and warned us that’s it’s going to be very hot, that’s my biggest fear,” said Eaton. “We each have to raise $3,000,” a cost that includes four days of training and the $50 pocket money each traveler will be allowed to carry.Eaton will be departing for Turkey on July 8 and finds herself “really excited. . .I’m hoping when I get back I’ll know what is in God’s mind what I’m supposed to do,” while she continues her fight with her cancer.Donations can be dropped off at First Presbyterian Church on Davis Street – checks should be made out to the Santa Barbara Presbytery – or call Eaton at 933-2287.

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