Santa Paula High School
environmental improvements

December 03, 1999
Santa Paula High School
In the Maintenance and Operations Department we are proud of our accomplishments during the first half of the school year. The efforts of the staff have been impressive with better expenditure of labor hours and the focus on improving our environment and compliance with the Ventura County Environmental Health Division. Our Transportation Department, Victor Yzaguirre, Frank Sagala, Ray Cardenas and Abel Macias, provided the leadership and knowledge to accomplish this milestone. The Ventura County Environmental Health Division conducted an on site inspection at the high school campus. We were given a “Good Condition” on the report, which is no small feat! We have been reported as one of the top campuses in Ventura County in compliance with the EPA waste and hazardous storage laws. Dr. Bill Brand, Superintendent of Education, has taken personal interest in this subject and supports all efforts to comply with the existing law.In this uncertain atmosphere concerning construction of schools on questionable land, it is very important that Santa Paula High School be aware of the importance in complying with environmental laws. We will continue to expend our efforts in promoting a safe school and learning environment.
We are proud of our school and look forward to continuing our efforts to better serve the staff and students of Santa Paula High School.

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