John Macik of Santa Paula Chevrolet stepped up to the plate with a check for $5,000. to become the first Platinum Sponsor to the Boys & Girls Club Annual Campaign, “The Leadership Circle”. Pictured are (left) Don Tello, President of the Boys & Girls Club of Santa Clara Valley with (center) John Macik of Santa Paula Chevrolet and (right) Gray Nasalroad, Incoming President of the Club

Santa Paula Chevrolet donates to Leadership Circle

June 24, 2003
Santa Paula News
The Board of Directors of Santa Clara Valley has started their first annual campaign for the Boys & Girls Club of Santa Paula, Fillmore and Piru. This campaign called “The Leadership Circle” provides year round pledges for sustaining all of the sites and programs at the Club. Throughout the year at the Boys & Girls Club of Santa Clara Valley, over 700 youth come to 11 different sites. The Club is there to inspire them, enriching their lives and enabling them to grow and develop into healthy individuals. Our staff guides them in a safe and supportive environment that they might grow up to be productive leaders in their communities. We know we can develop leadership skills because of youth like Nahum Reyes.Nahum, a member of the Club for over 6 years is being featured in our Leadership Circle. “I am a Club Kid. I know it’s the Positive Place for Kids. I look back at my old friends; many joined gangs, got involved with drugs and dropped out of school. If it weren’t for the Boys & Girls Club I would not have a future. The Club literally saved my life.” Nahum believes the Boys & Girls Club made a difference in his life because the Club’s staff cared about him; they bolstered his spirits while encouraging him in educational activities, character and leadership skills, arts and crafts, athletics and games.The Club meets their mission by offering after-school programs at six public schools and five additional facilities. In the summer months we offer full day summer camp at our Harvard facility in Santa Paula and our First Street facility in Fillmore. In addition, we offer half-days at Santa Paula’s Las Piedras site and also in Piru.We are dedicated to helping children build confidence and skills to become strong individuals who contribute to society and the Club believes the way to do this is by spending time with the kids. Keeping a young adult in jail costs taxpayers between $25,000 and $75,000 a year; investing in a young person’s future costs the Club about $300. per year. Boys & Girls Clubs are a proven delinquency prevention program, one of the best bargains in America.
While the Club is doing a great job, so much more could be accomplished. Many of our families cannot afford the $15.00 membership fee or the $5.00 daily fee for summer camp. Because the need is so great we have started out annual giving campaign. “The Leadership Circle”. John Macik is helping today by making a difference in a child’s life - one child at a time.For more information on how you can join leaders like John Macik together with Silver Sponsors: Santa Clara Valley Bank, Ben Schuck and Cynthia & Scott Dunbar, please contact Pat Zwagerman or Jane Lax at the Boys & Girls Club Administrative Offices at 805-525-7910.

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