Council approves skatepark plan, fundraising efforts ready to roll

May 14, 2003
Santa Paula City Council

Designing the new skatepark to fit the grant budget and allow for infusions of donated funds for completion was discussed by the City Council at the April 14th meeting.

By Peggy KellySanta Paula TimesDesigning the new skatepark to fit the grant budget and allow for infusions of donated funds for completion was discussed by the City Council at the April 14th meeting.City Manager Wally Bobkiewicz recommended that the council approve park design and plans and advertise for bids, offer fundraising assistance to the Santa Paula Association of Skaters (SPAS) for the skatepark, to be constructed at Veterans Park.Due to grant budget constraints, Bobkiewicz suggested that a base project be built minus the north side, bowl, plaza and walkway and that site preparation be done by city staff or volunteers. Park elements could be added as funds become available.The total estimate for the base project is $230,916, about $12,220 over the state recreation grant but with the suggested plan revisions the budget would be about $2,000 over the grant funding.The park deletions could be bid as alternatives so “if the money is there during that period we could move forward,” Bobkiewicz added. “SPAS would like the council to approve the full project,” to allow fundraising for a complete park.”The complete skatepark would take approximately $160,00 more than available grant funding.Marisue Eastlake of SPAS said that city fundraising efforts could include a billboard shaped like a skate board to mark donations and use of the Community Center for a fundraising event, among others.
The proposed donor recognition plan would include engraved plaza bricks or tiles, commemorative brass plaques, the option of naming one of the features of the park, or naming the entire skatepark portion based on the level of donation.“We’ve come up with some naming opportunities for different elements,” that would cover construction costs, said Eastlake. “Hopefully we’ll find someone who really wants that bowl in there; it’s an important part.”Councilman Rick Cook asked if SPAS is a nonprofit and Eastlake said the group is working under the umbrella of the Santa Paula Community Fund, mirroring their fundraising relationship with the Centennial Committee.“I’ve been approached by two different groups, one a veterans group,” about the skatepark “taking over the name of Veterans Park. If something else is put on another part of the park, eventually Veterans Park will only be a name. The vets feel they gave a lot to have a park named after them.”“I don’t want the naming of the skatepark to stand in the way of the skatepark,” Eastlake said after added council discussion.Councilman Ray Luna asked how the skateparks in Ventura are named. “They have three smaller parks,” that, as in other cities, was funded entirely by the city, said Eastlake.“As a Vietnam veteran with an interest in my heart I volunteer to be the liaison,” with veteran’s groups, said Vice Mayor Gabino Aguirre.The full council approved all aspects of the plan.

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