Isbell Middle School Flag Twirling Team prior to the Camarillo Christmas Parade

Isbell Middle School Flag Twirling Team

January 29, 2003
Santa Paula News
The Isbell Middle School Flag Twirling Team participated in four parades this past fall, and took awards at all four parades. The team, led by Captain Mariana Lazano, received second place in the Riverside Band Review and the Santa Paula Christmas Parade, and first place in the Antelope Valley Band Review and Camarillo Christmas Parade. The girls, ages 11 to 14, were competing against Tall and Short Flag twirling teams from junior high schools throughout Southern California. The Isbell Flag Team was started three years ago by Coach Jeanette Fairbanks, with the purpose of “giving 6th, 7th and 8th grade youth something to do that they can be proud of.” Coach Fairbanks added, “It’s a difficult age for girls, and I wanted to give them something that instills discipline, teaches teamwork, and most of all, increases confidence.”The team has also performed with the Isbell Band at various functions, and enjoyed Christmas caroling in December. Currently the team meets every Wednesday after school, in preparation for dance twirl competition season.

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