Duane E. Marshall, Class of 1947

December 06, 2002
Santa Paula High School
By B. J. Harding, President, SPUHS Alumni Association Biography #186 (Have you submitted yours?)Born in Kansas and moving to Santa Paula when he was 5 years old, Duane’s family consisted of Dad and Mother, Everett and Gladys Willis Marshall, and sisters Beverly, Maxine, Class of 1943, now deceased, and brother Don, Class of 1952, now deceased. The children attended Isbell grammar school.Some of Duane’s pals in high school were Ed Samples, Delmar Renfro, Bill Wike, Stan Cooper and Harold Hawkins. His favorite teacher at SPUHS was Randall Bryden.Following graduation Duane worked with the Santa Paula Post Office for a year as a mail carrier, and then took a job with Shell Oil Corporation, Chemical Division. Duane worked locally for Shell until he was transferred to Houston, Texas to bring a new unit on line. He worked with Shell with Houston until his retirement in 1988.Duane married his childhood girlfriend, Rosemary Moody of Ventura, a marriage which has lasted 54 years and gave them four wonderful children, nine grandchildren, and one great grandchild. Three of their children live in the Houston area, and one presently lives in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The children call Duane a “kid sitter” now that he is retired.In addition to caring for and entertaining the grandchildren, Duane is also the family “handyman” for Rosemary and the children. He has a long list of “Honey Do” jobs which keep him busy.
Rosemary and Duane belong to the Grace Community Church in Houston, Texas and are very active in all the church activities. Duane also serves as marshal at a local golf course, which allows him to golf quite reasonably - free.For a time their son was working in England, so Duane and Rosemary took advantage of the opportunity and often visited England, Scotland and Wales, taking advantage of their son’s chauffeur services driving on the “wrong side of the road.” They also took several bus tours of England, France, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Their favorite was Switzerland, where they were fortunate to attend an educational seminar in the Alps near Interlaken with a group from Baylor University studying the history and geography of Switzerland.Duane and Rosemary have a motor home and have enjoyed covering the country from West Coast to East Coast, visiting relatives and old friends and taking in all the national parks and tourist spots in the good old USA. The Marshalls’ life has been based on love of family, love of country, and love of God. This plan has provided them with a full and complete life of much happiness and joy. They hope to be around a while longer, so they can see and do it all.

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