Gordon Suggs

September 14, 2016

Gordon Suggs 

It is with our deepest lament that we announce the passing of Gordon Suggs, beloved father, brother, protector, mentor, and friend on May 31,2016. He has sung his last song and has made his ascension to heaven. He will forever be looking down and protecting us, much like he did when he was with us. Family and friends pass on this message, not to bring sorrow, but to remember and celebrate our beloved Gordon; a happy, joyful, strong-willed, spirited man.

Gordon attended Santa Paula High School, but before graduating he joined the United States Army, serving in Germany during the Vietnam War. While serving, he graduated in Kaiserslautern, Germany then returned to the states where he traded in his G.I. camoís for a pair of leather pants and a guitar. He was an exceptional songwriter and guitarist, playing lead guitar for glam metal band NuHaven, being featured on a KLOS Rock To Riches album in 1983. When he wasnít pursuing a rock and roll dream, Gordon was the ultimate craftsman. He made his living and supported his family installing tile in everything from bathrooms to full- on custom homes.

Aside from his music and craftsmanship, Gordonís real pride was his children. Corban and Rebecca were his jam; they especially enjoyed their camping trips and listening to rock and roll together. Corban on the drums and Gordon on the guitar created musical masterpieces. Not only did they enjoy making music together, they also spent time together installing tile for Gordonís construction company.† It was during this period in his life that Gordon was able to instill his many passions into both of his children; passions that they both carry on and enjoy to this day. These are the same passions that they continue to pass on to others so they may live their lives with as much joy and strength as their father Gordon.

Although we may have lost Gordon in body, we surely have not lost him in spirit.† It is through both of his beloved children, Corban and Becca, that his spirit and passion for life, joy, and humor burn on like a raging inferno. Above all else, we should not mourn for Gordon, but smile in his remembrance. Whether he has made you smile in one way or another, he has left a mark on your life that you will surely be able to look back on and remember fondly.

May Gordon forever shred in peace, belting out righteous cords with the cherubs and forevermore serenading the seraphim with sonnets of joy and passion, so that they may smile with as much happiness as he has filled us.† Gordon will forever be remembered for all the joy and strength that he passed on to all those around him† as son, father, husband, brother, and mentor.† Slumber softly and shred hard Gordon!!!

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