Yanez, Talon receive City Tiles for years of dedication to Santa Paula

November 25, 2016
Santa Paula News

Two longtime Santa Paula employees with decades of city service were lauded Monday by the City Council.

Former Public Works Director Brian Yanez and Finance Customer Service Supervisor Annette Talon each received a City Tile and kudos for their dedication.

At the November 21 meeting, Yanez was presented with a City Tile by City Manager Jaime Fontes who offered “The abbreviated story of Brian’s life and career.”

“I first met Brian in 2010 when he was heading up Community Services,” and, noted Fontes, “he did a bang up job. He grew up near Las Piedras Park and said when he fell down he know why they called it Las Piedras,” which means rocks. 

Yanez was an athlete in high school and college, excelling in baseball, an accomplishment he passed down to his daughters.

As Community Services Director Fontes said Yanez “Had 30 some yearly events, that’s a testament to the hard work he did there, and on a very short budget. Brian was also an impresario and arranged the music,” for various events.

When Yanez was appointed Interim Director of the Public Works Department in 2011, Fontes said he showed “A good manager is a good manager regardless,” of a department’s function and recently Yanez had been promoted to city Public Works Director.

Now, “Brian has taken a position step, a good step up in his career,” by becoming Santa Barbara County Deputy Director of Parks.

“It’s been a long journey,” said Yanez and, “I thank the city for allowing me to work here for 27 years. The city has given me many opportunities and raised my family…we would not be where we are without the city and I thank them.”

Numerous city councils that Yanez worked under also were thanked.

“I appreciate all the support of the councils that helped me move on and do a good job, it was a challenge to take over a new department. I was Director of Community Services for 12 years and I would not be where I am today without that staff of dedicated employees. Public Works was the same thing, a great staff that complemented me as a department head. Without them those wheels don’t turn.”

Yanez noted his Santa Paula career had “Been challenging, exciting and I miss,” the community and staff, “but it is time to move on to a new chapter in my life. I can hold my head up high,” accomplishments on behalf of the community ranging from more recreational programs and public works projects “dear to my heart. The bike trail, 4-million gallon water tank… nobody cares about that it just holds water but it was an awesome project,” at a cost of about $8 million. 

“But it was all so much fun,” he added, “I thank the city for the opportunity.”

Yanez noted he had many good friends and his wife Camille and children “supported me all the way through. And I appreciate everything the city has given me, it’s been a blessing.” 

Councilman John Procter said he would miss Yanez and their meetings “a lot…he was the first staff person I spent a lot of time with. When he showed me all the stuff going on in Community Services he picked me up in this old beat-up car.

“Brian always treated me with respect but,” noted Procter, “you could say whatever you wanted, you were a wonderful employee.”

“I got the same tour in the same beat-up car, you must save that for newly elected council persons,” said Mayor Martin Hernandez.

“When I was with the Santa Paula Family Resource Center I worked with Brian then and he has always been a wonderful asset,” to city staff and the community.

But, added Hernandez, “Sometimes it is time to move on,” when a better opportunity presents itself.

Finance Director Sandy Easley said Talon spent 15 years with Santa Paula, becoming the Finance Customer Service Supervisor.

She presented the City Tile to Talon who has taken a position with the City of Camarillo.

“My kids were little when I came out here and it’s been nice to be close to home in Fillmore,” said Talon.

She started her career with the city as a cashier, and “I’ve done a lot of things I’m really proud of,” including being involved in implementing the city’s new billing system among other accomplishments.

Working for Santa Paula, “Was a great experience for me and I learned a lot. Now,” noted Talon, “I’m with a bigger city but I’ll always have a lot of fond memories,” of Santa Paula.

And those fond memories will be returned said Hernandez who noted, “I never heard any complaints about you and that means a lot. We appreciate and thank you for sharing your talents, taking care of our money and serving our customers so well.”

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