(Top Left) A display showed off the tasty wares of the Shock Top Brewing Company, founded in 2006. Shock Top creates unfiltered Belgian-Style wheat ales for beer drinkers who“ live life unfiltered” using quality ingredients and creativity to craft unique twists on beer styles. (Top Right) The guests at the kickoff wore Shock Top stocking caps Saturday at Limoneira Ranch where Mohawks were the hairdo of choice; after a few Lemon Shandys things heated up and sunglasses were distributed. (Bottom) The Shock Top fleet of vehicles departed from its “72 degrees and Shandy” campaign to spread the word on the snow buffeted East Coast that its famed Lemon Shandy will brighten their spirits while they await the sunshine.

Shock Top Lemon Shandy:
Limoneira kickoff to ward off cold weather

March 06, 2015
Santa Paula News

Enough is enough. This winter has been brutal for millions of Americans: subzero temperatures, record levels of snow and a groundhog — the famous Punxsutawney Phil — being the subject of a mock arrest warrant because he seriously under-predicted how much winter is really left. Everywhere you look is a bleak, cold reminder summer is still months away and last weekend there was snow at normally sunny Limoneira Ranch… lots and lots of snow. 

But like Punxsutawney Phil’s weather predictions the snow at Limoneira Ranch was for fun or rather for the fun time in kicking off Shock Top’s Lemon Shandy Beer.

Shock Top said “enough already!” to winter and declared March 2 the unofficial start of summer with the return of its summer seasonal Shock Top Lemon Shandy and its “#72 and Shock Top” campaign.

“Every time you turn on the TV or go online, there’s another story or post about the polar vortex or ‘snowpocalypse,’ and like everyone else, we’re tired of winter, too,” said Jake Kirsch, VP of Shock Top. “The return of Lemon Shandy has always signaled ‘summer’ for us, and we want to help people realize the beer you choose can dictate the season just as much as the calendar.”

And there was no better place to kick off the “72 degrees and Shock Top” campaign for Shock Top Lemon Shandy than Limoneira Ranch, the company that put the citrus into Santa Paula’s designation as the Citrus Capital of the World, world famous for its coveted lemons.

“Shock Top had a huge white tent,” that Debbie Johnson, owner of the Santa Paula Times, said was not opened until a busload of company representatives, distributors and media — escorted by the fleet of distinctive orange, Mohawk-sporting Shock Top VWs — arrived from Los Angeles.

Inside the tent was an elaborate setting of tables, chairs, couches and other comfy décor as well as generous platters of snacks.

“Then,” noted Johnson, “it started snowing real snow!” inside the tent generated by five snow machines.

When it turns to winter special needs must be met and Shock Top knitted ski hats and scarves were distributed as well as more Lemon Shandy to ward off the cold.

Kirsch took to the stage to address the sudden bad weather and Johnson said, “We were drinking the Lemon Shandy and it made the sun come out,” which called for sunglasses to be handed out to protect the eyes of guests.

“The whole experience really conveyed what our East Coast is going through but at Limoneira Ranch,” said Johnson, “here came the sun with Lemon Shandy!”

Guests were also able to enjoy Belgian White, the company’s first beer, lunch and a Shock Top bag to fill with fruit from nearby Limoneira orchards.

Part of what makes Shock Top Lemon Shandy intrinsically “summer” is that every batch is brewed with real California lemon peels. Now, beer drinkers can tap into the summer season, with fresh citrus directly from the Golden State, where it’s summer all year.

It was only fitting that Limoneira Ranch was ground zero for Shock Top embarking on a cross-country journey to Boston — which has been absolutely blasted by winter this season — to bring a little sunshine and celebrate the impending end of winter (at least according to that certain groundhog) with a special summer-themed celebration to be staged in two weeks. 

From there, Shock Top drinkers can campaign to bring an early summer — and hopefully a little California sunshine — to their snowy city by using the hashtag #72andShockTop.

“ ‘72 degrees and Shock Top’ is a simple idea: we’re reminding people these brutal winters don’t last forever, there is a light at the end of the tunnel and we’re actually going to bring it to folks sooner than Mother Nature would,” said Kirsch. “Well … at the very least, we’ll bring Lemon Shandy and Belgian White,” to try to out-chill already chilly Bostonians to get them to, well, chill-out until the sun shines.

Founded in 2006 with the release of its signature Belgian White ale, the Shock Top Brewing Co. creates unfiltered Belgian-Style wheat ales for beer drinkers who live life unfiltered. Quality ingredients and creativity drive the Shock Top Brewing team to craft unique twists on beer styles. For more information, please visit www.ShockTopBeer.com

To see photos from the “72 degrees and Shock Top” kick-off event at Limoneira, visit www.facebook.com/ShockTop

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