New B&GCSP program offers youth training, matches with employers

October 13, 1999
Santa Paula News
A new program operated by the Boys & Girls Club of Santa Paula not only helps young people find employment but can bring benefits to employers. The no-cost program, Employment for Youth, makes sure young people (18 to 21, and 17-year-old high school graduates) can get jobs through an array of classes; job seeking skills, resume writing, basic life skills, employer expectation/job coping and keeping skills, how to read classified ads, basic banking (to manage that first account), budgeting, how to read a paycheck stub, and interview techniques, among others. Participants are not required to take all the classes but rather can take those they have an interest in or those the program directors or employer feel is necessary."We are looking for employers who are interested in hiring youth and giving them what may be their first job," said Eileen Pinkard, program director of operations. "When you hire one of our participants we will be a liaison if the occasion should arise; we can talk to the participant and review any class that is necessary for the youth to get back on, or get on the right track," required by the employer.A direct placement program is also available; in addition, hiring youth participants can qualify employers for a federal tax credit up to $8,500, Pinkard added.The program is a joint partnership between the club, County of Ventura Workforce Development Division and the state Employment Development Department.So far eight youth have opted to take part in the program and seven have already been matched with employers. "We can take up to 55 total youth for the program and we need at least 18 more kids by the end of the month to get extended funding," that will fund the program through June 30, 2000.
Pinkard noted that although the "jobs haven't been hard to find for the kids, it's been harder to find the kids for the jobs," so outreach on the program has been ongoing.For more information, call Pinkard at the Boys &Girls Club of Santa Paula, 525-7910.

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