Library Literacy Program needs volunteer tutors

August 20, 2014
Santa Paula News

The adult literacy students at Blanchard Community Library had a student meeting in July to discuss their literacy needs. The goal was for the new coordinator, Wendy Batstone, to hear what the STUDENTS  had to say - what are their priorities? They met in the Computer/Study Room in the back of the library to share ideas.

They talked about the subjects traditionally taught in a Library Literacy Program -

1. English Reading and Writing

2. Computer Literacy

3. Study help to pass the GED or other standardized tests

4. Citizenship

But whatever the subject, 

Priority #1 is . . . WE NEED MORE TUTORS !

You do NOT have to be a trained teacher to help an adult learn. We will train you to work one-on-one helping an adult student improve their reading, writing, and speaking. If you have a lot of patience, we could sure use some basic computer teachers, too.

And you do not have to speak another language to help teach English skills. We have small classes of English as a Second Language, taught by wonderful volunteers, which prepare our limited-English students to work with an English-speaking tutor.

Help change a life! 

Improved Reading and Writing opens up new opportunities for these learners.

We have a long list of adults waiting for a tutor.

Our next tutor-training session will be in mid-September.

Contact our coordinator, Wendy Batstone at 8050525-2384 or

Or drop by the library to sign up!

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