School board hears about budget
revisions and job descriptions

August 13, 2014
Santa Paula News

The Santa Paula Unified School District (SPUSD) Board discussed budget changes and new job descriptions at the August 6 meeting.

The SPUSD Governing Board adopted a 2014/15 budget of about $51 million on June 25 of this year. Subsequently the State Legislature enacted a budget, which was signed by Governor Brown.  The District then has 45 days to present to the public any significant revisions, which are a result of the final state budget.   

Assistant Superintendent Donna Rose presented the changes to the district-spending plan. She noted that there was an increase in revenue of $604,764 and a decrease in expenditures of $140,565 because of the state budget revisions.

In another matter the board got a look at a job description proposed for a Public Information Officer. This would be a new position in the district. The person selected would assist the board in planning, organizing, developing, communicating and disseminating information and publicity concerning district events, activities, programs, policies and initiatives. Under the title of Working Conditions, a potential hazard is listed: “Occasional contact with dissatisfied or abusive individuals.”

The Governing Board also saw the proposed job description for a Common Core Coordinator. This person would direct the implementation of Common Core Standards for English Language Arts and Math district-wide at the elementary level. After some discussion it was generally decided that two people might be needed to include the high school.

The next regular board meeting is set for August 20 at 7:00 pm at Glen City School.

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