Parking District meeting draws
S.P. High School area residents

August 08, 2014
Santa Paula News

Those living within the new parking district surrounding Santa Paula High School attended a meeting Wednesday to address the guidelines of the plan to ease traffic woes for residents

Interim Public Works Director Brian Yanez, a member of the city’s Traffic Safety Committee, said Thursday, “We had residents from 25 addresses that were there,” of the 80 addresses within the new boundaries.

On July 28 after months of reports and discussions the City Council approved the parking district: All of Palm Court (excluding the area adjacent to the pool and in front of the stadium entrance), Santa Paula Street North side from Olive to Palm Court, Santa Paula Street South Side from Olive to 6th Street and 6th Street (east side) from Santa Paula Street to Virginia Terrace are included in the district.

Yanez said some residents of Pleasant Street, whose neighborhood had been suggested for diagonal parking by several council members, nixed that idea although they requested they be allowed into the district.

The hours were set from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Yanez said each household would receive two street parking placards and two additional placards for guest parking.

Yanez said he expects the draft plan will go to the City Council at the August 18 meeting although he would like more input from those living within the new district: “We gave them all an opportunity to give input and if they couldn’t make the meeting they can still call or email us... we did get one email,” prior to Wednesday’s meeting.

“The challenge will be registering these people... we’ll probably have to go door to door,” including to some of the addresses that hold multi-units.

When it came to the basics of the parking district, the city’s first, “Everybody agreed, I was surprised, really surprised,” as well as pleased, as, noted Yanez, “We’re beyond deciding whether or not to have a district and now have to make it work for the residents and for the city.”

The plan calls for signage that will clearly outline the hours of parking restrictions for those without a placard.

He said “The only concerns were if someone is parked illegally out in front of a house what would the resident do,” an issue still under study but one that Yanez said could include residents making a direct call to a tow truck company to remove the vehicle.

“Either you have a placard and can park there or not... it’s pretty cut and dried,” he noted. “We all have to work together on this. There were questions,” especially from Pleasant Street residents who attended and asked that their neighborhood be included in the new district. 

“We will examine that,” said Yanez. “They said they wanted to be involved but they didn’t want diagonal parking.”

Yanez urged those living in the parking district to contact him if they have any questions or concerns: “If you’re not available to make meetings call or email us and let us know what you think... if you have any comments or concerns speak now,” as the city is seeking all input on the newly created parking district.

Call 805-479-7890 or email to offer comment or ask questions.

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