Free Hands-Only CPR training teaches simple lifesaving

June 20, 2014
Santa Paula News

Based on various studies and statistics but put very simply, the life you save with CPR is most likely to be someone you love. Known as Sidewalk CPR and Hands-Only CPR, the training was offered by the Santa Paula Fire Department in conjunction with other emergency response agencies throughout Ventura County. The American Heart Association states that 88 percent of cardiac arrests occur in the home, so, “Statistically speaking, if called on to administer CPR in an emergency, the life you save is likely to be someone at home: a child, a spouse, a parent or a friend. Above, Bobby Tallent performing CPR compressions only with Firefighter Nick Bacigalupo instructing. The Hands-Only instruction was recently conducted in front of Vons.  Southern California Edison has been a sponsor as part of their involvement in Santa Paula.

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