SPPD: Minor accident leads to arrest
of bystander known to police

June 20, 2014
Santa Paula News

A Santa Paula man known to police was arrested Thursday following a traffic accident he was a bystander to after he refused to cooperate with officers who attempted to speak with him.

According to Santa Paula Police Sgt. Cody Madison the June 12 incident started with a reported collision between a motorcycle and a vehicle that occurred at about 11:30 a.m. at Santa Paula and 12th streets.

“An officer showed up at the scene and he saw someone we know,” Raul Moreno, 37, of Santa Paula, who is on probation.

Madison said officers saw that Moreno appeared to be “agitated, sweating profusely,” and when they attempted to question Moreno, “He walked away, didn’t want to be interviewed or cooperate.”

Sgt. Jeremy Watson said the accident was “Handled civilly between the owner of the bike and the owner of the parked vehicle,” that was struck.

A witness said a scuffle ensued between Moreno and the officers.

Watson said Moreno, who was not involved in the accident, was arrested for suspicion of obstructing/delaying an investigation.

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