Dr. Angele Blanton

Santa Paula Animal Clinic celebrating 25 years

June 18, 2014
Santa Paula News

Sometimes a trip to the vet is just what the doctor ordered. For twenty-five years, dogs and kitty-cats have been coming to see Dr. Angele Blanton in Santa Paula. This month, the Santa Paula Animal Clinic will be celebrating those 25 years, and the community is invited to join in the fun. 

Dr. Blanton realized her dream when she became a veterinarian. “I wanted to be a veterinarian since the time I was a child,” she said. That dream was accomplished through hard work and years of intense study. She explained that acceptance into Veterinary Medical School requires very successful performance in college. An undergraduate degree is followed by four difficult years in Veterinary Medical School. In addition to degrees in veterinary science and veterinary medicine, Dr. Blanton also earned a journalism degree.

What’s the best thing about her vocation? “I’m doing what comes naturally,” she said. “I’m helping people and taking care of their pets. I’ve been doing it since I was twelve.” She smiles as she thinks about some of her favorite patients over the years. A sweet poodle-Maltese made a healthy recovery and stole the show and everyone’s heart one year. Three very beautiful, healthy cats call the clinic home.

The clinic was previously called Enterprise Animal Clinic. “Some of our employees have been here since the clinic opened,” she said, but their mission has not changed. Dr. Blanton does more than heal pets, her knowledge and experience enables her to suggest the perfect match for pets and prospective families. “I can recommend certain pets to families,” she explained.

The 25 Year Anniversary Celebration, scheduled for Saturday, June 21 from 1pm until 4 pm, is educational as well as entertaining. Guests can enjoy light refreshments and gather facts beneficial for them and their pets. The afternoon will include a Prize Wheel, door prizes, and a petting zoo, as well. Annual Wellness Exam information will be available, and vendor booths will feature additional healthy and helpful information. There will even be a special appearance by the Pet Tooth Fairy. 

The 25th anniversary celebration will be held at the Santa Paula Animal Clinic, located at 957 Faulkner Road in Santa Paula, just behind K-Mart. 

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